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Battlegrounds is updated with 37 minions and 2 new heroes

Blizzard has announced that tomorrow it will update Hearthstone: Battlegrounds with a couple of new heroes, new rules for this game mode, and 37 minions that will replace another 37. So basically the game mode will completely change its metagame starting tomorrow.

Among the novelties is a new keyword, “Vengar”. Minions that have this word will have an effect when another minion dies first. On the other hand, players will no longer be able to take more than 15 points of damage before the first participant of the round dies or disconnects. And finally, the shifts will give us an extra 5 seconds to adapt to the changes.

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And there are two new heroes the pandaren Master Nguyen and the paladin Cariel Roame. The former will be able to choose between two random hero powers each turn, while Roame will enhance his minions’ attack with a hero power that costs 1 gold. It will give + 1 / + 1 to a random minion up to tavern level 3, thereafter it will give + 1 / + 1 to three random minions and at the last tavern level it will give + 1 / + 1 to five random minions.

Of course, the bulk of the content will be the new 37 minions: 5 beasts, 6 demons, 5 robots, 4 murlocs, 5 dragons, 5 pirates, 4 elementals and 4 quilboars. Each of these will replace another from the same tribe to vary the Battlegrounds metagame. And it is that we will lose a few henchmen who are present in each game.

Luckily, the new ones look pretty powerful, even more so than the old ones, so Blizzard tries to make sure we don’t miss the content that is leaving, but instead focus on what’s new. Remember that this game mode is part of Hearthstone, the card game, and that access is free.

Both heroes will be available on September 14, but those who pay for the “Tavern Upgrade” will be able to access them (and other benefits) starting tomorrow. The rest of the news will also be available to everyone from August 31 on PC and mobile.

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