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Amber Heard says the last six months have been the best of her life

Amber Heard has been under the microscope for quite some time. Since her marriage to Johnny Depp, much has been said about her, but after her spectacular divorce, her figure seems quite complicated for the public. A good part supports her in her legal fight with the Minamata actor – 35%, while others say that he is the true victim of the actress. In a short time the two will face each other again in a trial that could change their careers forever, as Depp has lost many jobs and Heard managed to stabilize his career in recent years.

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Although months ago the actor lost his trial against The Sun for calling him a “handcuff beater,” the result is not legal proof that he was guilty of anything. However, the media and the industry itself have made it clear that hiring him is not an option, beyond the talent he has and has developed for more than twenty years. For her part, the also protagonist of Aquaman – 73% continue to work a lot and have several projects to develop. In fact, although a whole campaign was started to remove her from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the actress will return in the role of Mera backed by Jason Momoa.

Until now, the presence of both interpreters causes a lot of conflict among the public. By not getting a job, Depp has dedicated himself to rebuilding his reputation, which is why he has been so devoted to the legal details that he could prove his innocence. In addition, this last year several international festivals decided to recognize his long career and defended the tributes when some groups spoke out against giving such a space to the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79%. A’s strategymber Heard relies on using her social media to prove over and over again that she supposedly doesn’t care what others say about her, and that she is not afraid of what might happen during the trial.

On her official Instagram account, the London Fields actress – 0% have posted their first visit to the theater since the onset of the pandemic, their training and costume fittings for Aquaman 2, photos of her reading various books of poems and novels, her recent attendance at the L’Oreal catwalk and, of course, the unexpected news that she became a mother. In July, Heard posted a photo hugging a baby and explained that she had always wanted to be a mother, but that she did it on her own terms, and in the most private way she could. In this publication, he also clarified that his daughter is called Oonagh Paige Heard and that she was born in April.

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Now the actress published in her account that these last 6 months, since her daughter was born, have been the best months of her life:

The best six months of my life, the first six months of yours.

Amber heard she has been very discreet about her daughter. In general, she doesn’t talk about her much or post photos, but to celebrate her first six months, she decided to break that rule. Again, these types of posts allow you to get closer to the fans who stand by your side, while showing a face of absolute confidence. Their social networks do not have information or comments about Depp or the trial, although sometimes they share a link about the abuse against women. The actress’s Instagram has limited comments, which could indicate that she tries to avoid those who appear to attack her or accuse her of being the generator of violence in the relationship with the actor.

As these positive and fun posts flood the account of Amber heard, his team of lawyers is preparing to fight Johnny depp. One of the last movements they made was to investigate the two policemen who testified in favor of the actor by explaining that they did not notice injuries or bruises on the actress’s face or saw the apartment destroyed as she said it happened. These two law enforcement officers are expected to appear again, and Heard’s attorneys asked for all of their documents in an attempt to discover whether they are corrupt or have been accused of tampering with evidence before.

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