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The survival of a species can bring us one of the most amazing space adventures of the world. gamer world What Warframe. But, the epic missions will be full of obstacles with the sole purpose of ending the Tenno. That is why you must learn to master the art of warframe commandos.

With them you will be able to establish a stronger contact with the rest of your allies and thus they will be able to overcome each of the challenges of the cosmos. So we gave ourselves the task of bringing you each and every one of them.

Warframe Commands: What do I need to know about them?

Before knowing them, you should know that the vast majority are quite similar to those we saw in Paladins commandos. That is, they are tricks that will allow you to organize, more efficiently, communication within the game.

They are also quite practical for setting the pace of the game as well as the conformation of squads and clans within the game.

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How are Warframe Commands used?

Not like others games like WarframeTo use the commands, you will not need many requirements to have all of them. In fact, pressing two keys will be more than enough.

Can’t you believe us? Next, we will show you how to activate the warframe commandos:

  • The first thing you should do is open the window of the chat.
  • Then you will have to write the command you want to use.
  • Finally, press the key Enter for it to activate.

What are the Warframe commands?

Now that you know what they are and how to use warframe commandos, you are in a position to discover which are those great allies that will make your adventure a unique experience.

/ g or / d

  • It allows you to send a message through the global chat.

/ c

  • It allows you to change channels and communicate only with your clan.

/ s

  • With this command you can change the channel and talk to the members of your squad.

/ r

  • Use this command to quickly reply to a private message.

/ w

  • With this warframe commando you can send a private message to another player.

/ i

  • If you want to block any player, use this trick and you can automatically ignore all their requests.

/ t

  • Allows you to change the selected target. It is impractical since you can use the key TAB for it.

/ friend add

  • With this trick you send a friend request to the designated player.

/ friend remove

  • If you are no longer friends with someone, use this command to remove them from your friends list.

/ motd

  • This trick will allow you to set a MOTD clan.

Note: You need to have Ruler permissions

/ invite

  • Use this trick if you want to invite a friend to accompany you on a mission.

/ profile

  • With this command you will be able to see the statistics, attributes and the entire profile of the selected player.

/ goto

  • If you want to find a partner that you couldn’t add and you only remember the first letter of their username, use this command to find the first player with that letter.

/ unstuck

This is perhaps one of the best warframe commandos since it will allow you to exit a bug.

  • With it you can teleport your character to a safe position and report the problem.


  • Show the item you select on the store page.


  • You allow any link to be posted on your clan’s profile page.


  • With this trick you will be able to publish any link on the profile page of the selected user.

Final Recommendations on Warframe Commands

As you noticed, the warframe commandos they are nothing more than shortcuts to establish better communication with the rest of allies Tenno.

In this sense, there are none that offer a significant advantage on the battlefield. To do this, we recommend you review the best Warframe Builds.

To achieve them, you just have to go out into the cosmos and look for other survivors of the war Tenno and with the help of these warframe commandos, it will be a fairly simple task to complete. After all, the survival of the species is in your hands.

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