After criticism for plagiarism, Epic accepts that Imposters is inspired by Among Us

Among Us was one of the titles that was most noticed during the past year, because your ease and accessibility, from cell phones and the possibility of having contact with other players in the middle of the health emergency, quickly made him one of the audience favorites.

Its curious gameplay where one or two mysterious imposters take out other players was also very attractive for everyone even for Epic Games, who decided to implement un very similar style of play called Imposters, in Fortnite although without giving credit to Amog Us, something that caused controversy in the users, who accused of plagiarism to developers.

But now it seems that the pressure from the players had an effect on Epic then today and in a surprising way, admitted that his style of play Imposters, was clearly inspired by Amog UsThey made it known through their Twitter account.

Although the inspiration for Imposters was nothing new, users took Epic’s action very well, who even They tagged the Among Us account to thank for a game mode So innovative and even toyed with the idea of ​​a future collaboration.

After the tag, the Among Us account is She was interested in collaborating in some way with the Batte Royal, in the future, but they made no further mention of it.

Is something big coming between the two games?

Axel Amézquita is an editor at IGN Latin America, a comiquero by birth, with a taste for cinema, photography, video games and great stories. You can follow him on social networks like @AxxRess

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