A Toyota GR Supra from TOM’S Racing: the best tribute to Paul Walker

“If Paul Walker could customize a Toyota GR Supra today, how would he do it?”. This was the question asked by both the TOM’S Racing coach and the Japanese magazine Safari. You have the answer along these lines: the current model as a basis to honor the actor and the Toyota Supra of the nineties. Not surprisingly, several units were those that passed through his private garage.

Many believe that Paul Walker’s passion for cars came with ‘Fast & Furious’, the saga he starred in with Vin Diesel. However, the actor (who died in a traffic accident when he was co-driver in his Porsche Carrera GT) was always a ‘petrolhead’. The orange Toyota Supra that he drives in the first movie was not the first to pass his hands: had several A80s.

This color has been the starting point of the tribute that TOM’S Racing and Safari have paid to both. The bodywork has been tinted with this tone because it was the one worn by one of the Toyota Supra A80s owned by Paul Walker. The main difference is found in the rear: the current model has been fitted with the characteristic curved spoiler incorporating that of the nineties.

More power

To this we must add some 20-inch BBS LM rims. They are the same as the Toyota Supra driven by Brian O’Conner, the character of Paul Walker, in the final scenes of Fast and Furious 7. Although there are no images of the interior, Safari has revealed some of the changes they have made to the passenger compartment: the leather seats have given way to a bucket type and some carbon fiber inserts have been added both in the center console and in the door panels.

On the mechanical side, Paul Walker’s Toyota GR Supra has also received some tweaks. TOM’S Racing has added a custom Power Box with which they have managed to improve the sound of the engine and, of course, its performance: now the 3.0 six-cylinder signed by BMW delivers 425 hp of power. The icing on the cake is a new KW V3 threaded suspension system.

Only three units

As you can imagine, Paul Walker’s Toyota GR Supra will be a car as special as it is exclusive. So much so that the TOM’S Racing tribute will only materialize in three units that will have an approximate price of about 100,000 euros. Yes, practically double the access version of the Toyota GR Supra in Spain.

If there is someone interested in the room who can afford this whim, they only have to go to the Safari page … and sign up. If there are more than three applicants, something quite feasible, they will do a raffle to choose the trio of lucky wealthy that can get behind the wheel of this Toyota GR Supra from TOM’S Racing.

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