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A Chris Hemsworth MOVIE on Netflix that is a far cry from THOR and is based on a classic

The weekend has arrived, the ideal opportunity to relax as a family or as a couple and browse the Netflix catalog in search of a good title, be it a movie or a series, that can meet expectations and have a good time, as well that in this sense is that we are going to try to help and perhaps you have not seen this movie of Chris Hemsworth, 38-year-old Australian actor who you surely know from his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Well, this is a 2016 film, in which Chris plays Eric “The Hunter”, it is based on the classic tale that Disney adapted and brought to his world, that is, “Snow White”. This serves as a prequel or sequel to “Snowwhite and the legend of the hunter” which could be seen in 2012.

The hunter and the ice queen

The direction of this film was in charge of Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and the cast has names like Charlize Theron as Ravenna as “The Evil Queen”, Emily Blunt as Freya is “The Ice Queen”, Jessica Chastain as Sara ” The warrior “, Nick Frost is Nion, Sam Claflin as King William and others.

It is a story before Snow White, when Ravenna the “bad queen” finds out that Freya (Emily Blun) her younger sister is in a relationship with Andrew (Colin Morgan) and is also pregnant. However, he is committed to against and can not marry her, between the plot they both reach an agreement to save their love, so they plan to elope, but on the day of the date “The Ice Queen” realizes that her little girl’s bedroom is on fire and she learns that it was the baby’s own father who caused the misfortune, so she uses her powers to assassinate him.

Freya goes into exile building a castle and kidnaps children there to make them her hunters, this is where Hemsworth and Chastain enter, as they are among the most outstanding students, but they fall in love and we are not going to reveal what follows, so you can go to see it, because the truth is if what you are looking for is an entertaining time, it is a good option.

Be careful with the landscapes, as it is one of the most entertaining parts of the film, which was shot at Surrey’s Waverley Abbey, in Windsor Great Park, Johnson’s Pond, Deer Park near Snow Hill, Wells Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace. , Somerset, all this in England.

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