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5 Hollywood celebrities with dyslexia you probably didn’t know about

Fame sometimes implies perseverance and hard work, for these 5 Hollywood artists and celebrities, reaching the top and staying cost them more than others due to their learning disorder, dyslexia.

In accordance with

Mayo Clinic
, Dyslexia affects areas of the brain that process language, it is a learning disorder that makes it difficult for the affected person to read since they do not identify the sounds of speech to understand how they are related to letters and words.

Dyslexia does not imply an intelligence deficit, on the contrary, they are completely normal people who can achieve success with the help of a tutor and a specialized teaching program from the moment it is detected.

These 5 celebrities are a clear example that dreams can be achieved, no matter what limitations you have.

In some cases it is not possible to detect dyslexia in the first years of life, in the case of Jennifer Aniston, the disorder was diagnosed until she was 20 years old. Until then, he understood his many problems at school and why his classmates bullied him so much.

The director of Titanic was diagnosed with dyslexia in his 60s. His family and teachers thought that his lack of dedication in school was due to him being a lazy student, what they never imagined is that he had learning problems.

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The case of the actress and singer Cher was similar to that of Jennifer Aniston and Steven Spielberg, dyslexia was diagnosed in adulthood, once her son was also diagnosed.

In an interview he shared that he couldn’t read fast enough in school and that doing math homework was like trying to understand Sanskrit.

One of the biggest challenges that actors with dyslexia face is not being able to read the scripts of the productions correctly, Orlando, Katy Perry’s partner, suffered at the beginning of his career because he was afraid to forget his dialogues and make mistakes.

The handsome actor from Grey’s Anatomy He has many difficulties when reading, one of the tricks that he never fails to avoid mistakes on set is to memorize his dialogues so as not to have to resort to the script. In an interview he confessed that it is a double job, however, he has received rewards for it, one of them is his professional growth.

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