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Yanet García shares a flirty video that she published on her Onlyfans

Everything seems to indicate that the famous ex weather girl Yanet García publicly shared a video that he uploaded to the platform of Onlyfans, something that has undoubtedly surprised many, as she is becoming much more flirtatious.

It should be noted that the Mexican has more than 14 million followers on her official Instagram account, who are constantly delighted with new content.

In this video you can see her posing in underwear, which generated more than 500,000 views and so far in total, the account has reached 513,545 views.

However, in this publication “risque” is not the first that Yanet García makes, since on her official Instagram you can see several publications of “the girl of the Mexican climate” where she is observed with very little clothes.

Her official account has 2,184 publications and more than 14 million followers and in it, Yanet defines herself as “The Mexican Weather Girl” and also as an actress and Fitness Girl.


In the cover photo of her Instagram, you can see a link in which she gives access to her Onlyfans, although in order to visit its content, the interested person must subscribe by paying a monthly sum.

Right there, and in one of his featured stories, Yanet explains the reasons why he chose to create an account on Onlyfans.

In fact, it has been said that her relationship with Lewis came to an end after she made this decision for her life.

On the other hand, in addition to sharing her outfits and makeup, the influencer publishes publications about her slim figure that she maintains based on strict training.

As you can see, Yanet García is extremely active in all her social networks, and through Instagram she is in charge of advertising her account on the OnlyFans platform, where she shares exclusive content.

It should be noted that she is always ready to impact, because in addition to her usual publications, the brunette is not satisfied and raises the bet with small previews of the material she offers in OnlyFans.

Continuously, the talented Mexican influencer is a trend in all the news portals of the entertainment world throughout Latin America.

A couple of years ago she stopped being “the weather girl”, and the 30-year-old girl born in the city of Monterrey has dedicated herself through her social networks to providing health advice and exercise routines to his more than 14 million followers.

As we mentioned before, there he shares training videos as well as promoting various food products for body care.

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