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Why will Scarlett Johansson’s victory change Hollywood?

Scarlett Johansson and Disney have resolved their legal disputes and the actress was victorious. What does this mean for Hollywood?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought forward several changes in the film industry and perhaps the most relevant occurred in the move of the premieres to the streaming, secluded where many of the big studios faced completely unfamiliar terrain, which led them to taker decisions that caused them many problems.

An example of this was experienced by Warner Bros, who in 2020 mentioned that all his projects would be released in a hybrid way in cinemas and his streaming platform: HBO Max, this earned him criticism from filmmakers like Denis Villeneuve and the breaking of Christopher Nolan with the study.

But perhaps the most emblematic case in this regard was the legal fight that arose between Scarlett Johansson and Walt Disney Company, which arose when the famous actress sued the mouse company stating that it breached its contract regarding Black widow, because according to the aforementioned, the company Mickey Mouse had promised him an exclusive theatrical release of the film from Marvel, and the release of the feature film in Disney Plus it affected his salary, which was based largely on box office proceeds.

After a few months of fighting, yesterday Scarlett Johansson and Walt disney company announced that they reached an economic agreement that ends their legal disputes,

Scarlett Johansson

And the winner is:

Based on the information available, we can affirm that the winner of the conflict has been Scarlett Johansson, since since 2019 his lawyers had already sought to renegotiate a contract with Disney since the company it started to raise the possibility that the film of Black widow had a simultaneous premiere in theaters and streaming, which they achieved.

The Wall street journal reported that the actress asked as compensation between 100 and 80 million dollars, since she expected that the tape of Marvel had a collection close to one billion dollars, very high expectations for the reality of the film according to the data provided by Disney to the Los Angeles Superior Court, then Black widow collection 367 million at its worldwide box office and more than 125 million in streaming.

And the tickets?

Although the exact figure of the agreement is unknown, Deadline reports Scarlett Johansson received more than 40 million dollars, which will not be paid in a single deposit, and are added to the 20 million which according to the mouse company had already provided the actor, so the final figure is not very far from its initial demands.

Along with the monetary success, the actress also assured her future work, because Alan Bergman -president of content of Disney– stated that the mouse company hopes to work with her on a number of future projects, such as the movie of the Tower of Terror. The agreement was so satisfactory that they will surely go ahead with future projects, as Kevin Feige predicted a few months ago.

“I am happy to have resolved the differences with Disney. I am incredibly proud of the work we have done together over the years and have greatly enjoyed my creative relationship with the team. I look forward to continuing our collaboration in the years to come. “

Scarlett Johansson

Take advantage of the bug

The victory Scarlett Johansson sets an important precedent for all the talent who sits down to negotiate new contracts with Disney, as already happened in the negotiations for Cruella 2: where according Matthew belloni from The Hollywood Reporter, Emma Stone used the demand of Black widow to get a better contract:

“She (Emma Stone) did not sue Disney, but forced the studio to acknowledge for the first time that it should have negotiated a ‘buyout’ of its box office bonuses for the first movie of Cruella, just like Warner Bros did for its 2021 films. It also got Disney to stop insisting on tiered bonuses and pay in a more traditional way that includes royalties for every streaming sale. “

Matthew belloni on The Hollywood Reporter.

A victory for the women of the industry

Besides the victory of Scarlett Johansson upon Disney symbolizes an important advance in the film industry for women, as the compensation received is on par with that received by their male counterparts.

For example when Warner Media business many of his talent contracts that were tied to box office performance, the studio paid him 10 million from dollars to Gal gadot and Patty jenkins brand new Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters and in HBO Max, while in a similar situation he paid 20 million to Denzel Washington by The Little Things.

Scarlett Johansson
Moviegoers and moviegoers, what do you think of Scarlett Johansson’s victory against Disney?

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