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What happened to Edward Furlong, protagonist of Terminator 2: The Last Judgment?

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What happened to Edward Furlong, protagonist of Terminator 2: The Last Judgment?

Anyone in Edward Furlong’s position, a few decades ago, would have thought the opportunity to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger on a film that would become a 90s sci-fi action icon would be like having life settled. Perhaps that was not what the actor thought exactly despite the fact that it changed his life, because he was very young at that time, and those who believed that he had a lot of potential were not wrong, but in the end the actor did not end up being one of the most great Hollywood stars as has happened with some who have acted since childhood, and rather very little has been heard of him.

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In 1991, Terminator 2: The Last Judgment (92%) became the most expensive film ever made, with a budget of US $ 100 million, and was a resounding box office success, grossing more than US $ 500 million worldwide according to The information of Forbes. In that year, the film was about to hit theaters and would revolutionize box office hits for years to come. Furlong’s surprisingly moving performance as John Connor, the eventual leader of the human resistance against the Terminators, was praised by many critics. Like his character, Furlong was destined for greatness, but life had other plans for him.

Despite having everything to succeed, the actor’s fame was short-lived and he quickly became one of the children who, instead of being the new stars of Hollywood, were involved in a thousand and one scandals related to drugs, alcohol or even domestic violence. He was born on August 2, 1977, and he was just 13 years old when a casting director discovered that he had all the requirements that were sought for the boy who would play the son of the intrepid Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in the sequel to the film of James Cameron. All expectations were placed on this continuation and Furlong took the role of the young man who was destined to save the world from a future dominated by machines.

The film won several Oscars and the actor received several recognitions at other events for his outstanding performance thanks to being the breakthrough actor of that time. However, everything started to go wrong and it was scandal after scandal for him; despite the fact that in terms of work he seemed to be making the right decisions: he participated in films such as Before and After (32%) in 1996, American History X (83%) in 1998 and Detroit Rock City in 1999. But when he reached 15 years of age, he attracted attention for reasons other than acting, when he began a romantic relationship with Jacqueline Louise Domac, his tutor on the set of the Terminator sequel (100%), who was 13 years older than him. After many rumors, he confirmed the relationship and they moved in together.

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At that time a great controversy arose, and the family of Edward furlong he fought for his custody and that of his money. They tried to separate them by accusing Domac of rape, and even getting her to stop being a teacher, but were unsuccessful. Domac became his manager and the actor moved away from his family. The relationship lasted 5 years, with Furlong’s drug and alcohol instability in the middle of that, and then Domac denounced him for abuse and tried to take 15 percent of his earnings from him during his time as manager.

Furlong has not stopped acting and occasionally appeared in episodes of the series. CSI and low-budget horror movies and negative reviews. Perhaps the most important thing for him are the risky proposals that he can find in this regard, and the rest does not matter much to him, since he appreciates the fact that “films are an escape” and the freedom that cinema gives for people express their ideas no matter how risky they are, according to what he detailed to Entertainment Weekly on one occasion.

Recently, he returned to the big screen thanks to the movie Terminator: Hidden Fate (62%), where he returned to interpret the role that made him famous in 1991. Fans have not forgotten him, as they always go to see him at conventions of pop culture that he attends, and he appreciates having been part of relevant projects that have led him to meet many people who always have positive things to say to him.

My job is to sit down and sign autographs and let people tell me how amazing I am. The fact that you can do that is great and bad at the same time. It’s a blessing you know I’m lucky. I’m so glad I had a couple of things that have remained relevant enough that I can come and make a living doing things like this. That is kind of weird. I don’t take it for granted.

While the release of the latest installment in the Terminator franchise did not meet high box office expectations, the film was well received by critics as a return to form, arguably the best Terminator movie since Doomsday. Perhaps not by chance, as he saw the return of the stars Edward furlong and Linda Hamilton to the roles of John and Sarah Connor, with the creator of the series James Cameron as a co-writer and producer. For Furlong, who says he was offered a contract to play Connor in Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines (70%), but was taken away, returning to Hidden Fate was an experience that created mixed emotions.

Basically, I had a drug overdose. I had a contract. And that always annoyed me a lot. I’ve never seen the others after that, but John Connor is what changed my life. He had never done anything before that. And I’ve made a living out of it, so it’s something very close to me and it was a bit bittersweet doing it. That is my role. Getting it back in the long run was good.

And during his appearance at the Days of the Dead convention in Las Vegas, in its 2019 edition, Furlong detailed how much he admires the protagonist of Terminator 2: The Last Judgment.

I grew up watching Predator and Avenger from the Future. I really admired Arnold throughout the movie. Of all the actors I have worked with, he is an incredible role model. And I still admire it. I really do.

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