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Video Lalo Mora in a photo with a fan rains criticism

Wrapped in a new controversy, the singer of norteña music Lalo Mora, after being caught on video while shaking hands with a fan at the end of his concert, so Internet users they threw it hard and thick in social networks.

And it is that despite being one of the most representative figures in the Mexican Regional, the singer has already earned the fame of how it is that he ‘exceeds’ with the women who attend his concerts, however, he did not expect the reaction of this fan.

It was through a video shared on social networks that the exact moment in which it appears went viral Lalo Mora taking photos and videos with some of his followers at the end of a presentation, where right off the bat hands the girl without her consent.

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So he had finished the concert offered last weekend in Pico Rivera, California, and he was taking some pictures with fans who approach him before he leaves.

VIDEO Lalo Mora reaches out to a fan and criticizes him on the networks. Photo: Instagram

However, what seemed like an ordinary photo between Lalo Mora and a fan ended up in a shower of criticism, because in the short video clip it is observed how the singer and the girl are very close together for the postcard and first he turns and try to kiss him but she stands firm for the catch.

Then they were already separating because the photograph had already been taken, when suddenly the also known ‘King of a thousand crowns’ reaches out and touches her chest, so the girl reacts quickly and takes off, having an expression of displeasure and discomfort on her face.

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Despite not having been well received for his action, Mora was not even moved and only continued on his way giving it zero importance to what he had just done, since it is not the first time that he does this type of thing when his fans approach for capture the photograph.

In seconds criticism rained down on the 74-year-old singer-songwriter because even the word ‘pork’ They wrote in the comments to have no respect for women who do not ask their consent, taking advantage of the fact that he is famous.

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