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Tiago PZK joins the list of Argentine hip hop referents who turn to acting

With his leading role in “Cato”, Tiago PZK joins the already large list of Argentine references of freestyle, rap or trap that land in the cinema or series.

In the film by Peta Rivera y Hornos – strongly linked to the movement through the direction of video clips by artists such as Wos, Acru, Dakilah, Toto Ferro, Neo Pistea, among others – Tiago Uriel Pacheco plays a young man from the suburbs in search of his future in music and rhymes.

The passage from one discipline to the other, of course, does not have Tiago or any Argentine as the initiator: there are several of the most important American rappers who have made a career in Hollywood, such as Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, Common, LL Cool J , Ludacris, André 3000 and even Tupac, who was already collecting accolades as an actor when he was assassinated in 2006.

Others, like Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith, made such important trajectories in front of the camera that even their beginnings in hip hop were overshadowed.

At the national level, the roster could begin with Dtoke – a transcendental historical reference of freestyle battles, two-time national champion and international champion of Red Bull Batalla – with a brief participation of the prison “El marginal”. The Mar del Plata rapper La Joaqui also passed by as Mecha, Diosito’s (Nico Furtado) girlfriend.

In addition, in the series there was, although in his case with a leading role in the third season, Lorenzo “Toto” Ferro, who also shone as Carlos Robledo Puch in Luis Ortega’s “El Ángel” in 2018, and with the pseudonym of Kiddo Toto has been on the plaza battle scene for years and bringing up trap themes.

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To fallback.

Valentín Oliva, known to all as Wos, who won everything as a freestyler and then turned to music with even greater repercussion, also took his first steps as an actor: he participated with a small role of “My best friend” (by Martín Deus, 2018), then followed with an important role in “Las Vegas” by Juan Villegas (also from 2018) and more recently had a place in the Netflix series “Almost happy.”

Another who gained fame in the battles of El Quinto Escalón in Parque Rivadavia and who would successfully jump into trap music is Ecko, who has just premiered the musical series for teenagers “Días de gallos”.

In HBO’s proposal, Max personifies, precisely, a young man who dreams of succeeding in the battleground scene, and shares the screen with other great freestyle and urban music references, such as Stuart, Cacha, Roma or Klan.

Lucas Santo, “Klan”, had just participated in the award-winning “Broder” (2019), a series available in Contar that opens the door to the world of hip hop in the Buenos Aires suburbs, and that included other figures such as Nucleo aka TintaSucia, Rebeca Flores or Cazzu from Jujuy, better known as “The queen of trap”.

The last inescapable name on this list is Manuel Vainstein, better known by his battle alias Replik or his musical persona, Manucho Conflicto. The rapper, owner of a unique style of philosophical lyrics and dark climates, grew up in a family of actors: his parents are Abian Vainstein and Catherine Biquard.

Perhaps for this reason, it was not surprising to see him as the protagonist of “Santa”, by Víctor Postiglione, in which his character tackles a dangerous quest to rescue his sister, victim of a trafficking ring. (Télam)

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