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the adventures of a dispatch Tintin

Alejandro Amenábar wanted his first foray into the burgeoning world of series to be with a project like ‘The Fortune’, a six-part fiction based on the comic by Paco Roca and Guillermo Corral ‘El tesoro del Cisne Negro’, in which he has been able to unleash a universe that remembers his admired Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, and James Cameron.

Starring Álvaro Mel (‘The other look’) and Ana Polvorosa (‘Aida’, ‘The cable girls’), tells of the titanic struggle of a rookie diplomat and an arms officer to confront Atlantis Underwater Searching, the North American company that plans to keep the treasures of a sunken spanish frigate by the English in 1804 in Cádiz. Karra Elejalde, Manolo Solo and Blanca Portillo They complete the Spanish cast and the American represent it Stanley Tucci, Clarke Peters and T’Nia Miller.

The comic is based on real events, specifically in the ‘Odyssey case’, a lawsuit that between 2007 and 2012 confronted the Spanish Government with the US treasure hunter company that sought to appropriate those that rested next to the ship at the bottom of the ocean, with an estimated value of 500 million dollars . And that Spain finally won. “Although the comic is based on a true story and we were inspired by it, we decided to fly free and the characters are fictional», Amenábar points out, who also extracted his story from reality in two of his films: ‘Sea inside’ and ‘While the war lasts’.

Amenábar explains that, as the story takes place between two worlds – “the North American and the Spanish / Latin / Mediterranean” – he wanted to play that contract and give brushstrokes on both cultures. «In the Spanish case, the heroes are civil servants. I wanted to show how anonymous people, from the institutions, who have many problems, many shortcomings, fight for the right thing and in the end things turn out well.

According to the director, based on this, «you can see a patriotic sense in the series, but I want to think that in a good way. He also warns that “people who do things well are valued, but they are done from Spain as it could have been from any other country.”

Álvaro Mel is Alejandro Ventura, a young diplomat whose first destination is the Ministry of Culture, and Ana Polvorosa, Lucia Vallarta, a Heritage officer who finds in him the perfect ally to get justice done. The actor finds “a parallel” between the character and himself. Amenábar is of the same opinion: «Álvaro’s ‘casting’ test led me to an immediate decision. As soon as I saw him I knew that Had been born to play that Tintin of dispatch». The same thing happened with Ana Polvorosa to give life to Lucía, a character that the actress defines as “an aunt who has a lot of passion in what she does, who gives herself with love and dedication to everything she wants to achieve. Then Alex appears and it is time to visit the minister to get something. And continue with that movement from that passion, from that energy ».

“I wanted to show how anonymous people, from the institutions, fight for the right thing”

Alejandro Amenábar, film director

Devoted to this mission, the protagonists will end up living a love story, despite being so different both in terms of their ideology and in their way of being. Amenábar explains that this ideological point is a contribution that has been made regarding the comic, and that he found it interesting reinforce the idea of ​​mixing, which was already in the germ of the project itself. «I believe in the mix, I don’t think it’s good that we are each entrenched in our bubble, in our balloon, and I wanted to play with two characters with opposite political ideas. It is something that we see in daily life, in politics, and I wanted to reflect it in the series.

“My character, the Minister of Culture, is in love with the Golden Age and believes that culture is our oil”

Karra Elejalde, actor

Karra Elejalde (‘Eight Basque surnames’) and Manolo Solo (‘The minimal island’) complete the cast on the Spanish side. The Basque actor defines his character, the Minister of Culture Enrique Moliner, as a writer who believes that they have given him that portfolio because he can contribute something to the culture of this country. “It’s a in love with the Golden Age and he thinks that our culture is our oil », explains the Basque actor. But his mission in the ministry will end up being another: «They have him walking Chinese in the Princesa Sofía and he aspires to a little more. So you can invent the ball that the small fish eats the big oneAnd if they throw him out, the better, because what he wants is to write.

Manolo Solo, meanwhile, gives life to Horacio Valverde, an excentric retired legionnaire and amateur sailor – from whom he feels far removed “in ideology and personality” – whose courage and determination They will be essential to face the pirate. Blanca Portillo is Zeta, an agent who never knows which side she is on.

The American cast

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In the Anglo-Saxon cast, Stanley tucci (‘The Hunger Games’) plays Frank Wild, the modern pirate who thinks he is doing good by rescuing treasures that could remain forever at the bottom of the sea. While Clarke peters (‘Big Chief’) plays Jonas Pierce, a brilliant lawyer American whose performance will be decisive for the Spanish triumph, and T’Nia Miller (‘Witless’) puts herself in the shoes of Susan McLean, Wild’s assistant with whom the actress says she does not identify “because it is horrible.”

One of the most spectacular elements of the series is the recreation of the actual sinking of the ship ‘La Fortuna’ in the 19th century, which the director wanted to reflect as faithfully as possible. Despite being very complex and technically expensive. And just as the filmmaker did not want to have any contact with the ‘Odyssey case’ –only the legislation was studied–, it was documented about the ship. “We wanted to know how they communicated between the ships. That that moment of history breathe a lot of truth during the 10 minutes that it will last ». He was also moved to recreate the drama, since there was much more than the loss of a treasure, «also that of hundreds of lives », remember.

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