shaking in America TV for what they made known in the cycle of Jey Mammon SHOW El Intransigente

A real scandal was the one that was generated years ago in the world of entertainment not only in our country, since it also involved nothing more and nothing less than Hollywood. This has to do with what happened between Dolores Fonzi, Gael García Bernal and the international star Natalie Portman, who according to what was said at that time was in a relationship with the Mexican actor. Now, everything resurfaced in the cycle of Jey Mammon.

It was in 2006, when he arrived in Buenos Aires because he would have found out about the rumors of romance with the Argentine artist. This did not go unnoticed in “Los Mammones”, the cycle that is broadcast on the América TV screen, where the host wanted to know details of this situation that left everyone with their mouths open and unable to believe it.

“If I ask you about Natalie Portman’s visit to Argentina, am I skidding?” Hey mammon in front of the cameras, spicier and sharper than ever. “The Argentine media are very particular and scandalous. The truth is that she appeared here and I thought it was exciting, I don’t know, I didn’t understand. It’s her, Natalie Portman. Is a star. Star Wars, “he said.

«I saw it from the place of actress. It was more scandalous what was armed around what it really was, “said Dolores Fonzi about the controversy that was generated at that time. “Did you come to check something?”, Asked the driver once again about the rumors that shook the artistic environment. “No, and I still want to say that I have known the father of my children for a long time,” he said.

This has to do with the fact that both had acted in 2001 in “Vidas provadas”, the film by Fito Páez. «I didn’t get to break anything. It was all very high, everything taken out of context ”, added Fonzi. “In any case the one who breaks is the man”, launched Jey. «Cars were chasing us, I was afraid that they would kidnap me. I was coming out of therapy and there were three cars waiting for me that were following me through the city. It was really horrible », the actress finished.

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