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Ray Nicholson, son of Jack Nicholson, triumphs in ‘Panic’ with his resemblance between Leonardo DiCaprio and his father

Panic‘, the new series premiered in Prime Video, not only comes hitting hard for the story based on the novel by Lauren Oliver in which a group of teenagers try to survive and achieve freedom after being immersed in a dangerous game after graduation, but also has the pull of its protagonist, Ray nicholson. His surname indicates that, indeed, he is the son of the legendary Jack Nicholson, although there are those who say that his attractiveness brings him closer to Leonardo Dicaprio.

At 29, the son of the three-time Oscar winner (Best Actor in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ [1975] and ‘Better … impossible’ [1998] and Best Supporting Actor in ‘La Fuerza del Cario [1983]) and the actress Rebecca broussard (‘Die Hard’ or ‘Mars Attacks!’) Is on its way to consolidation, even though at 14 springs it already made its first appearance on the big screen in the film ‘The Benchwarmers’ (2006).

‘The visitor‘(2018), ‘Now is everything‘(2019), the Oscar-winning ‘A promising young woman‘(2020) or the television series’Mayans MC‘or ‘Sons of Anarchy‘will be the works that preceded his current success in’ Panic ‘, a role that was about to be ruined by a fatality of fate. “When I was on my way to the casting of ‘Panic’, I had the navigator on my phone to get to the audition and my phone died. I didn’t know where to go, so I freaked out, trying to charge my phone. 15 minutes late to the biggest audition of my life, “he would tell in an interview with ‘JoBlo‘.

However, once ‘Panic’ is finished, Ray Nicholson will be in the limelight again, as he has just shot the film ‘Where Are You‘ next to Anthony Hopkins, Madeline brewer or Angela sarafyan. A thriller in which a photographer stars in a stormy relationship with his girlfriend coinciding with his professional decline.

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