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Niurka introduces her new boyfriend who is identical to Vin Diesel

Niurka Marcos he is constantly in the eye of the hurricane, for his controversies or romances; For this reason, she calls herself the scandal woman.

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A few days ago, through his official account Instagram, the Cuban shared a series of photographs where she showed her new boyfriend, who goes by the name of Raúl Palma González.

He mentioned in his publication having spent the weekend with his boyfriend, so, as expected, his followers did not hesitate to show up and make it clear that the man looks like Toretto, Vin Diesel’s character.

Niurka Marcos introduces her new boyfriend

Although Niurka Marcos She tagged her boyfriend in her post on that platform, the gallant’s account is private. So far it is only known that it is called Raúl Palma González.

In addition, the actress showed several photographs where it is seen that she spent the weekend, on the beach with her boyfriend.

The turquoise blue sea embraces us … thank you

However, not all the comments were supportive, but criticism was present, noting that the boyfriend of Niurka it could be his son, the same comments he lashed out at in the next post.

If it seems good to you and if it does not reverse and apply indifference

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Niurka Marcos joins the controversy after the sexual abuse case of Frida Sofía and Enrique Guzmán.

The new romance of Niurka Marcos becomes known after just 6 months after ending his courtship with Marko Pena, with whom she looked very much in love.

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