mobilized Aníbal Pachano told his truth SHOW El Intransigente

Although he had already seen it mobilized on other occasions, Aníbal Pachano was encouraged to tell details of its truth in an interview with Mariela Fernández for «La 100». It turns out that the artist who participated in multiple shows on the tables and the show Marcelo Tinelli, announced his exit from the stage as a dancer and also reviewed some items related to his Health.

«I’m leaving the stage as an artist on top of the stage. I will continue directing, I will continue producing. On the other hand, this thing of dedicating myself to myself, I think that at 66 years of age it is not to be dancing with people who do it better “, postulated the father of Sofia Pachano after being consulted about the determination he made about his career.

On the other hand, he gave details of his last performance: “I chose Carlos Paz because it is an emblematic place, a bit is starting this way of farewell, then a national tour.” «You understand the path to old age and I think I am doing it well. Now I am with cancer treatments, I try to take care of my health, which is the fundamental point that I have, “he clarified about his well-being.

In addition, he affirmed: «I try to be as balanced as possible from the emotional point of view. For a cerebral issue I have to achieve a physical balance. The treatments also throw you a little, I try to rest ». “I have already completed a stage, what I want is to say goodbye with all honors,” he stressed to promote the show he is cooking.

By way of conclusion, Pachano confessed his strong desire to become a grandfather: «Being a grandfather would be a dream come true before I leave this world. The truth is that yes, Sofía is accompanied by someone you love ». «She (her daughter) did not know her paternal grandparents. The mother was due to give birth on the 25th and my mother died on the 25th, so the date was postponed. Sofía came like a little angel before the departure of my mother ».

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