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The costume designer at Thor: Love and thunder talks about the changes that will come from Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel Studios will bring a lot of news in the coming years, between sequels and new characters, but as a novelty, 2022 will also bring a fourth film focused on a solo hero. That fourth solo installment is Thor: Love and Thunder by Taika Waititi, which will bring Chris Hemsworth back as the god of thunder in another thrilling cosmic adventure.

Before starring in the last two Avengers installments, Chris Hemsworth found himself leading arguably the funniest movie in MCU history in Thor: Ragnarok of 2017.

Infused with a new energy thanks to Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi, Ragnarok truly embraced the cosmic nature of this solo franchise while adding elements of comedy and action throughout. This helped present one of the most colorful and visually stunning films in the MCU, particularly with a remake of Asgard and the introduction of new planets like Sakaar. All this encouraged Hemsworth not to want to part with the character and explore new adventures with him, being together with Hulk and Hawkeye, one of the few founding Avengers that still continue in the MCU.

Expected Thor: Love and Thunder I continued the line set by Waititi, a director who is also at the service of the fourth installment and has been responsible for writing the script. That notion of continuity has also been confirmed by the costume designer for the Marvel Studios film. Mayes C. Rubeo spoke to Designing Hollywood Podcast about what she hopes to bring to the sequel from a costume and color perspective.

Also having worked in Thor: Ragnarok, Rubeo expressed his enthusiasm for bringing so much color and enthusiasm to Thor’s world by “Do things differently”. Not wanting to spoil anything about the next installment, he said that the outfits depend on the script of the film, as well as the “Different worlds or different countries” explored on the script pages:

«We were able to bring [la paleta de colores de Thor: Ragnarok y las lecciones de vestuario al vestuario de Thor: Love and Thunder] … I think there are always opportunities to do things differently. And obviously, we are dictated by the script and the situations of the script, and if there are different worlds or countries, and things like that. Everything comes with every part of the script ».

Rubeo worked with Waititi in 2017 to offer a new look for the Thor franchise after it was rumored that within Marvel Studios there was a feeling that things seemed too outdated in Thor: The Dark World. With Waititi bringing a level of fun and excitement not seen before in the franchise, Rubeo went with that vision to design dozens of intricate and colorful costumes for the first cosmic adventure of the god of thunder.

Now that Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has potentially the biggest adventure of his MCU career to date with Thor: Love and Thunder, the question that remains is which worlds will come into play for Rubeo to use for inspiration in the costume department. We fans have already had a sneak peek at Thor’s’ 80s-inspired wardrobe, so hopefully things will only get crazier from there.

Christian Bale’s Gorr the Gods Butcher will certainly have his own dark background to explore, and it seems likely that he has his own unique landscape with an expected group of similar-looking underlings to back him up.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters on May 6, 2022.

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