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Leonardo DiCaprio referred to the controversial end of Jack in Titanic

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For this matter, DiCaprio He was consulted countless times since then, like the director of the famous movie, James Cameron. On one occasion, even Brad Pitt he made a joke on the protagonist, in front of the cameras, and the debate continued throughout the years. Now, in an interview with the actor and Margot robbie, the question about the eternal debate came up again.

In the interview with the actors, the journalist decided to ask again the eternal question, which has little hold, if one considers that a film responds to the written script, because that is how the story has to be, although American cinema has accustomed us to it. famous “Happy End”, in which couples who love each other end their story together happily, just as the viewers would like.

Titanic (1997) | The Death of Jack Dawson! | Latin Spanish

“Was there room for Jack above that door?” the interviewer launched without hesitation. That’s when Leonardo Dicaprio, ears that have gotten tired of hearing the same question, he chose to avoid his gaze and give a forceful answer: “I have no comment.”

Then, who also joked publicly on the subject, expressed amused: “They could not have cuddled?”, Pitt asked about the ending that causes death to Jack. While the actress commented to them: “I think it is the biggest controversy in the history of cinema,” was the consideration of Robbie. But Leonardo DiCaprio stood his ground and repeated: “No comment, Brad”; and added: “As I said, I have no comments,” ending the issue.

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