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Justin Bieber suffers embarrassing moment for “parodying” Tom Cruise

What a bear! It was the one that passed the Canadian singer Justin Bieber on Thursday, October 7 when trying to take advantage of an alleged TikTok video where the American actor is seen Tom cruise playing guitar and interpreting a melody with great intensity.

The artist, who recently premiered the melody Ghost, A tiktok was found on the networks where the protagonist of the film saga appears Mission Impossible demonstrating his skills in music, which is why Justin decided to acknowledge them, but also wanted to do some challenge and mockery by parodying him.

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For this, the husband of the model Hailey Baldwin Bieber took his guitar and began to cover the song performed by the alleged Tom Cruise and do some exaggeration in his interpretation.

He also accompanied his Instagram stories with comments challenging him to box and expressing the intensity of the composition.

@tomcruise I am impressed with your guitar skills. But you could still face these hands, boy, “Bieber said in a way of challenging boxing. Then he added,” As you play a tune no matter what a hoot I’m here thinking about this first-round knockout. “” My interpretation of @tomcruise talking to his lighting boy Danny, “were other of Bieber’s comments.

However, after the eight Instagram stories dedicated to this topic, Justin’s followers began to let him know, through direct messages, who he was referring to in his videos. It wasn’t about the real Tom Cruise, but a ‘deepface’, that is to say an imitator, which in this case is Miles Fisher who, supported by digital technology, adds shots of Cruise’s real face on his videos.

It turns out that the expert in the gestures and expressions of the actor with the help of the brilliant mind of Chris Umé (in charge of placing the face of the real actor using artificial intelligence on a recording made by Miles) record tiktoks pretending to be Tom Cruise, but everything is a digital falsehood that they have managed to exploit because they even put it in situations and topics that are in fashion and more.

Therefore, the jokes and even parodies that Justin Bieber tried to do about the famous actor worked against him, as users of various platforms realized his mistake and began to laugh at him for not knowing who he was really about.

Users of social networks quickly turned the mistake of Justin Bieber and made memes about it / Photo: Capture Twitter.

Users of social networks quickly turned the mistake of Justin Bieber and made memes about it / Photo: Capture Twitter.

In this regard, Twitter users began to circulate various memes in which they sarcastically exposed Justin, who in the end had no choice but to acknowledge his mistake and accept that it was something funny.

Users of social networks quickly turned the mistake of Justin Bieber and made memes about it / Photo: Capture Twitter.

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It should be noted that this error that the singer Canadian had what many users have experienced when they came across the profile on TikTok @deeptomcruise, which is where Fisher and Umé publish the videos they digitally make using shots from movies, videos and others where the true actor has participated. It should be noted that to date the real Tom Cruise has not expressed his position before those who are technically profiting or gaining popularity with his image, meanwhile they continue to grow their figures in networks and incidentally confuse more people, including Bieber

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