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In video Ricky Martin for criticism and shows his face close

Stop the scandal Ricky Martin And with a video he makes it clear that no arrangement or change was made to his face, arguing out loud that if something had been done, he would have already shared it with all his followers.

The singer and composer He shared through his social networks a video that is crossing borders, since it was recorded very close and clarified that no “arrangement”On the face as some users speculate.

With this recording Ricky is trying to stop all the comments against him, as there have been many detractors who became passionate and gave him harsh criticism and very negative comments.

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Once again the handsome Latin Pop singer was in the spotlight after sharing a video in which he shows his close-up face and reveals that nothing has been done, on the contrary, he shows marks and expression lines without shame.

It is worth mentioning that the singer revealed with these images that he had only taken a serum before the interview, so he assures that it inflamed him, but from then on he affirmed that nothing has been done on his face.

Undoubtedly, the media scandal in which the owner of the hit ‘La bomba’ was exposed provoked reactions, since he shared this close-up video and shows in detail the reflection of the years, because with great pride he says that he has nothing to do hide.

At 49 years old, the Puerto Rican interpreter is in the eye of the hurricane due to this circumstance that was uncomfortable but at the same time fun for the famous, since he makes it clear that he has no problem in clarifying speculations, since he considers that the most important thing is the public.

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With this video he intends to stop the criticism and rumors of a makeover, which for many users was not very favorable. However, what Martin wants is to speak directly to his loyal fans.

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