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In a future world, where geography has changed, Miami has become a city partially submerged in the sea and people pay to access a machine that allows them to sensually relive their memories and rummage through them.

The business is run by Nick (Hugh Jackman) and Emily (Thandiwe Newton), the mind researcher, she is a former cop, but everything changes with the arrival of a particular client, the mysterious and beautiful Mae (Rebecca Ferguson).

Reminiscence is a mixture of black film thriller with science fiction film that, although it is very entertaining and has a very good production and an attractive cast, in the final balance it leaves a slight flavor of something already known and perhaps better executed.

The script written by director Lisa Joy is very efficient, makes use of resources of proven effectiveness and therefore that makes it a bit predictable, but it fulfills the objective of leaving the viewer at the end discussing the decisions of the characters.

The chemistry that occurred between Jackman and Ferguson in The Great Showman is on display again and that is one of the attractions of the film.

Marina de Tavira has a small but very important role in the plot and she does it well, although she leaves the feeling that she can do better things if she is given the right projects.

Ironically, Reminiscence may be a bit forgettable, but it entertains you well for almost two hours while you watch it.

Home entertainment


In Joel Schumacher’s thriller, a man is threatened by a sniper in a phone booth. Colin Farrell is Stuart Shepard, an agent and professional liar who receives a call at the last telephone booth in Manhattan. The person on the other end of the line threatens and manipulates you into being honest for the first time in your life. The director builds a film of perfect manufacture and that even taking place in its entirety in one place does not diminish of interest or emotion.

Part of the credit goes to Farrell, who manages to make a character likeable that in the hands of any less capable actor would be unbearable.

The cast is complemented by Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes and Kiefer Sutherland.

With an interesting handling of editing, short duration and a very agile pace, it is the perfect option for those looking for an exciting film to watch at home.

Home entertainment


Clint Eastwood plays Terry McCaleb, an FBI agent tasked with tracking down serial killers. A heart attack, in full persecution, forces him to retire, and two years after his last unsolved case he receives a heart transplant. The actor also directs this crime thriller with enough twists to keep it interesting for two hours, despite a predictable ending. Terry lives off the glories of the past, but an incident forces him to prove once again that he must return to his profession to prove that he is the best.

In this case, it is the appearance of Graciella (Wanda De Jesus), a Latin woman who asks her to solve the murder of her sister, who is the donor of McCaleb’s heart.

The story is well told, it does not leave loose ends, although it does tend at times to look somewhat corny, especially with the romance that Eastwood’s character lives, that the truth is not relevant.

Ultimately the film fulfills its mission of entertaining and will satisfy Eastwood fans.

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Passionate guitarist, gamer and writer. Lives for the perfect review, and scrapes texts until they are razor-sharp.


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