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George and Amal Clooney with their children on Lake Como

Two years ago George Clooney And his wife, Amal Alamuddin, they did not return to what is probably their favorite place in the world: the Lake Como, in Italy. They have always done it to enjoy their mansion and one of the most beautiful and exclusive areas of Lombardy, in the north of the Italian peninsula, but the Covid-19 pandemic crossed their path in 2019, as it did all over the world. planet and since then they had not returned. Up to now.

Obviously, being in paradise, and no matter how large and luxurious their mansion is, they were not going to stay at home and are taking advantage of the holidays to go out with the family, of course with her children, Ella and Alexander, from whom they are inseparable. And we’ve seen them sporting their usual style while touring with their cufflinks.

Born in 2017, Ella and Alexander are 4 years old and the truth is we could not help but blink repeatedly when we have seen the images and everything they have grown in the last year and a half. They are huge, and it is that at their age the changes are noticeable very quickly, even more so if you do not see them frequently. Their parents keep them away from the madding crowd, so they it is not very frequent to see everyone together.

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For this outing by Lake Como, George Clooney, one of the always best dressed and most stylish actors in Hollywood, opted for a blue polo shirt and white pants, very classic with garments that never fail and that are very versatile and comfortable while Amal opted for a red minidress and a straw hat. Together with their children we saw them on the lake dock to take a small speedboat and go for a ride around the lake.

All smiles and hugs, the four of them walk along the dock and that moment of absolute sweetness could not be missed: George lifted Ella and cradled her while Amal leaned over Alexander to chat quietly with her son. They are a normal family, of stars, but just like any of us.

Of his children, Clooney has told People magazine that the two are very different from each other despite being twins. She is more shy and Alexander outgoing. Could you give them a sibling soon? Well, it may. At the moment the Daily Mail and other American tabloids have spread the news that the couple is expecting a third child.

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