From the Book of Saw – Spoiler Time

Spiral: From the Book of Saw hit theaters, but Did it live up to the other films in the franchise? Let’s see.

The best

1 The traps

Beyond everything that happens in the film, we cannot deny that the torture suffered by each of the characters is impressive, disgusting, to the point of making the viewer uncomfortable, which is what one looks for in a production of Saw.

The inventiveness to create these traps and the way in which they are captured are the most positive point of the film.

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2 Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson it never fails and, beyond just being in a couple of scenes, it manages to stand out. If they had put him as the true protagonist, perhaps we would talk about something else.

Marcus is quite similar to all the characters in JacksonSo he doesn’t have to try too hard to achieve a credible personality and is, by scandal, the best actor in the movie.

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1 Chris Rock

Chris Rock He’s not a bad actor, but if you only watch this movie, you’re going to think so. Everything you do feels forced. This is clearly not the character for him, the personality of Zeke does not match the strengths of Chris.

He has some good moments, when he acts with a certain sarcasm and humor, but beyond that he is quite disappointing.

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2 The script

The spin-off wanted to put a cop movie in the middle of a story of Saw, which clearly didn’t work. The concept was interesting, but the research is so predictable that it destroys all the good things, those of us who have already seen the other films can decipher the next steps with ease.

On the other hand, those who did not see the other films of Saw They are not going to understand the concept of cheating, they should generate tension because there is a clear hope of getting out alive, but those of Spiral they are directly a death sentence.

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3 The villain

The funny thing about the movie is that you don’t really find out who the villain is until the final minutes, but the truth is that you have to pay too little attention not to realize it.

Even if one doesn’t figure out who this copier is Jigsaw, the reveal of the ending is still pretty boring. Also, the voice alteration is not scary and the mask is bland.

Credit: Lionsgate

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