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Federal Educational Authority in CDMX

After the Mexico City go back to yellow epidemiological traffic light, the Federal Educational Authority in Mexico City (AEFCM) informs that, as of that day, public and private school communities may decide, freely and by consensus, to continue with face-to-face classes as Community Learning Centers (CCA).

In addition, they mention that they can carry out the following activities: days against the school behind, pedagogical advice, psycho-emotional support, cleaning and sanitary actions, school paperwork, use of equipment and services (computers, internet, printers, TV, etc.).

Also use of school infrastructure (auditoriums, sports fields), construction and maintenance actions, sessions of collegiate bodies of the educational establishment and those determined by the School Health Committee, with prior authorization from the state educational authority and the AEFCM in the case of Mexico City.

The AEFCM highlights that the school communities that decide to operate as CCA, must comply with the following prevention measures:

When a case of the SARS-CoV2 virus (COVID-19) is reported, the CCA will suspend its activities; 45 minute sessions; operate school filters, healthy distance (2 meters between chairs, tables, benches, etc.); use of a mask or handkerchief over the nose and mouth; staggered attendance, limit of 40 percent per day of the school population; establish a maximum number of students and teachers, within each classroom, prioritize the use of open spaces; permanently clean furniture and equipment after each class and avoid attending CCA sessions in case of any symptoms of suspected COVID-19, among others.

Sonia Gupta
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