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End to Selena Gomez and Chris Evans … or ‘Gomevans’

We finally know what happened so that half of Twitter has been dreaming about a nice love story Come in Selena Gomez (29) and Chris Evans. It seemed real, it smelled of ‘power couple’ but … Maybe our joy in a well. We are going to tell you what happened so that so many people would have drawn the same conclusion.

‘Gomevans’ seems to have never existed. Fans of both Selena and Chris have assured that it is, and all based on information given by a British tabloid. The actors were said to have met several times at different locations in Los Angeles, including a restaurant. Photos of both leaving the premises began to circulate on social networks, although separately. But be careful because you already know that the images do not correspond to a quote from both and they weren’t even made the same day.

So the photos are not worth it, but wait because this story did not come to light out of nowhere. Chris Evans is said to have recently started following Selena Gomez on Instagram. Although, of course. Starting to follow someone doesn’t mean you’ve hooked up with that person either, does it?

Come on, although he has made him ‘follow’, and it is said that they have been meeting in various spots in Los Angeles, none of this means that they are together. It may until the meetings, if they are real, are taking place only for work reasons.

What is certain is that Selena once admitted to being in love with Chris. He did it in 2015 in a conversation with the American presenter Andy Cohen: “I like Chris Evans”, said. If we add to this that the general public has long been obsessed with Selena’s love life, then we would have more than enough to start a rumor.

Remember that after the actress’s breakup with Justin Bieber, Selena has been associated with several celebrities, including The Weeknd, and more recently with the basketball player Jimmy Butler.

At the moment, neither Selena nor Chris have confirmed or denied the relationship, and it does not look like it will. Or yes, because it is already known that the reality of celebrities is a world apart.

Sonia Gupta
Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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