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Dwayne Johnson’s ‘The Rock’ Diet To Gain Muscle | Health | Magazine

Discover the ‘The Rock’ diet to stay in shape.

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most popular action actors. Due to his physical condition and charisma, he gained prominence in films such as Jumanji, Rampage or the second part of the saga Fast and Furious.

The interpreter is in good shape thanks to his strict diet. The Rock he is a popularizer of his lifestyle and shows on his social networks what he consumes and his exercises.

Dwayne Johnson’s passion for him fitness He comes from before the performance, as he was a WWE multi-champion wrestler.

Figure of The Rock it is achieved and maintained with an intense exercise routine, demanding weights and a diet with abundant protein. The actor expressed that during the day he eats five meals a day.

The Five Meal Diet

To start, a powerful breakfast based on oatmeal, egg whites and watermelon juice, accompanied by a steak. It’s a hearty dish, but Johnson uses it as an energy source for a 40- to 50-minute cardio routine.

The second course is a portion of chicken accompanied by mushrooms, broccoli and peppers.

As a third course, The Rock 250 grams of salmon is served, along with asparagus, eggs, rice and, again, broccoli.

For the fourth meal he returns to the steak, but this time with baked potatoes, asparagus and orange juice.

Finish with a protein supplement and an omelette of egg whites.


Dwayne Johnson enjoys sharing his plan fitness on social media, as well as the details of his demanding diet. He begins with a cardio routine of 30 to 50 minutes. Then follows the heavier part.

It is based on a workout six days a week, with the rest to rest. In general, he focuses on one muscle group daily, although sometimes he adds another one. The series usually oscillate between 3 and 4, with 12 or 15 repetitions per exercise, added to a time for the abs. (AND)

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