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Dwayne Johnson teaches his daughter a preview of ‘Black Adam’ but she prefers Jason Momoa in ‘Aquaman’

A few months ago, Dwayne johnson revealed that he would be the lead in one of the upcoming DC superhero projects, ‘Black Adam’. The film was to be shot in 2020, but due to the pandemic and other inconveniences, filming finally began in the spring of this year.

Last Saturday the famous actor, Dwayne johnson, shared an adorable video of his 3-year-old daughter, Tiana. You can see how the girl is spellbound by the television screen that shows a advancement of his father’s latest project, ‘Black adam‘.

In the video you can see how Tiana attentively admires her father’s work. When he asks her opinion, the girl responds, “coolHowever, this for Johnson is quite an achievement since previously Tiana did not recognize that her father and Maui, from the Disney production ‘Moana‘, as the same person.

I stay with ‘cool’“Johnson wrote in his Instagram post.” Breakfast with Black Adam. She has become quite obsessed with ‘Black Adam’ and unlike Maui from ‘Moana’, Tia really believes that Black Adama and Dad are the same person. ”

Tiana’s favorite superhero is not her father …

In the same post, Johnson writes “However, still in love with Jason Momoa in ‘Aquaman’“, what Jason momoa answer back “the coolest“with laughing emoticons and red hearts.

Last April, Johnson asked Jason for the favor of sending him a video congratulating his daughter Tiana on her birthday, knowing how emotional it would be for her. So it was.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to my brother Jason Momoa for making this adorable 3-year-old’s birthday a the best ever“He wrote in the post.” Your reaction is priceless and is what it’s all about. I love you and these kinds of things will ALWAYS be the best part of our fame“.

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