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Dolores Fonzi spoke for the first time of the supposed “scandal” that she lived with Natalie Portman by Gael García Bernal: “It was horrible”

The actress referred & # xf3;  to the theme on the American program, Los Mammones


One of the most unexpected media moments to arise in Argentina had the actress as the protagonist Natalie Portman. In 2006, the Oscar winner traveled to the country unexpectedly to visit her then partner, the Mexican Gael Garcia Bernal, whom he had met in 2003. However, It was not a romantic visit but one marked by scandal.

According to what was communicated at the time, the actress of The black swan he would have learned of some versions that linked García Bernal with Dolores Fonzi. Therefore, he decided to take a plane to Buenos Aires to see what was happening. “It was horrible”Fonzi recently stated on the America show The Mammons, led by Jey Mammon, with whom he spoke for the first time on the topic.

“If I ask you for that visit from Natalie Portman to Argentina, am I skidding? “, Mammon wanted to know in the segment” 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. “, question before which Fonzi, who is promoting the Netflix film, Rescue distance, she was very relaxed. “No,” he said at first, and then remembered how he lived that moment.

“The Argentine media are very particular and scandalous. The truth is that she appeared here and I thought it was exciting, I don’t know, I didn’t understand. It’s her, Natalie Portman. Is a star. Star Wars ”, The actress laughed when she spoke of the admiration she always felt for her colleague.

“I saw it from the place of actress. It was more scandalous what was armed around what it really was, “he explained. “Did you come to check something?” Asked the driver. “No, and I still want to say that I have known the father of my children long before [ambos habían actuado en 2001 en Vidas privadas, el film de Fito Páez], because I didn’t get to break anything. It was all very high, everything taken out of context ”, added Fonzi. “In any case, the one who breaks is the man,” said Mammon.

It happened & # xf3;  in 2006 when Natalie Portman found out & # xf3;  of the affair between Gael Garc & # xed; a Bernal and Dolores Fonzi

In 2006 Natalie Portman traveled to Argentina and could not tolerate the siege of the press (Blog Tudo De Novo /)

On the other hand, the actress said that that moment “was horrible” due to the excessive journalistic attention. “Cars were chasing us, I was afraid that they would kidnap me. I was coming out of therapy and there were three cars waiting for me that were following me through the city. It was really horrible, ”he stressed.

Remember that in 2006 it had emerged that the reunion between Portman and García Bernal had generated a short circuit between the two -and an anger of the actress with the Argentine press for how they approached her to portray her image-, but there were also versions that both she and her now ex-partner walked through the Malba, and even traveled to Patagonia. In any case, their relationship did not prosper, and in 2008 the Mexican actor made his relationship with Fonzi official, from whom he separated in 2014, and with whom he has two children in common, Lázaro and Libertad.

Portman and Garc & # xed; a Bernal were together -with some intermittences- between 2003 and 2006

Portman and García Bernal were together -with some intermittences- between 2003 and 2006 (The Grosby Group /)

For eight years the actors divided their routine between Argentina, Mexico and Spain and accompanied each other in various projects and events. However, in 2014, Patricia Bernal, the actor’s mother, confirmed the break. “Decisions are made and they are. We support each other as always. We have to support ourselves, we have to take care of ourselves, we have to be close. Sometimes things work or they don’t work, but you have to get closer. You have to be affectionate, well, “the actress told the magazine People after being consulted about the versions that haunted the couple.

“We all have a very good friendship. Gael is fine, the children are fine, Dolores is perfectly fine. We are all very friends, we are super good, happy. Things are like this, but they are going well ”, he added.

The mom & # xe1;  by Gael confirm & # xf3;  the separation

Dolores Fonzi and Gael García Bernal spent eight years together and have two children in common, Lázaro and Libertad (Getty Images /)

Indeed, the actors parted on good terms and maintain an excellent bond. Last year, in full quarantine due to the coronavirus, the actress spoke on the Telefe program Cut for Lozano about how she was handling the situation with her ex so they could both spend time with their children.


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