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Denzel Washington stars in the best post-apocalyptic movie on Netflix

The winner of the Oscar, Denzel Washington has shown because he is a multifaceted actor, since he can make action, suspense, drama and even post-apocalyptic films, the latter starred in her in 2010 and you can currently find her in the catalog of Netflix.

Under the direction of the brothers Albert and Allen Hughes, as well as a great cast made up of Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, Mila Kunis and Ray Stevenson, the movie The Book of Secrets (The Book of Eli) surprised viewers by posing a post-apocalyptic world in which ignorance reigns and water is scarce.

With a budget of $ 80 million, the film managed to raise more than $ 157 million at the box office, which made it a moderate success in 2010.

What is it about?

More than 30 years after facing a nuclear apocalypse, humanity has been depleted and the few survivors try to continue their lives in a toxic and crumbling desert.

In that environment, a mysterious man, Eli (Denzel Washington), he travels on foot to the west coast of the United States, stopping in some towns to rest and obtain supplies, while avoiding and avoiding dangerous encounters with violent criminal groups and cannibals.

On your way, you will come to a town ruled by the ruthless Carnegie (Gary Oldman), who has used most of his resources and men to get a book, with which he believes he can control other communities. Fate has faced both men, since Eli carries this book and has the superior mission of taking it to a place where it is needed.

It is then that a stark confrontation between the two begins: on the one hand, Eli must continue on his way to take the reading to a special place, while Carnegie will do everything to possess it.

The Book of Secrets (The Book of Eli) received mixed opinions, since during that time several post-apocalyptic films emerged such as Mutant Chronicles, The end of the ages or The Path, so it no longer surprised the public or critics, although with the passage of time it became a cult film.

For this movie, Denzel Washington he underwent an impressive physical preparation, because he had to learn martial arts and the handling of weapons. The winning actor Oscar trained for months with Dan Inosanto, who was the practice partner of Bruce read.

If you are a fan of these types of movies with excellent action sequences and post-apocalyptic scenarios, The Book of Secrets (The Book of Eli) is the best option you can find on the platform Netflix.

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