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Celia Lora gives a chair of elegance and beauty to Angelina Jolie

Really beautiful! Celia Lora once again became the muse of many thanks to a photograph she shared on her social networks and in which she looked sober and elegant just like Brad Pitt’s ex, Angelina Jolie.

The daughter of the TRI leaders, Chela and Alex Lora, posed for the camera lens with total seriousness and as if she had not noticed her presence while enjoying her stay in a paradisiacal place.

Photography allows you to see the beautiful mexican playmate Celia lora posing from a beautiful stone staircase and in the background you can see the power of nature, how well the green of the vegetation and the beauty of La boss de Acapulco shore.

Celia Lora, who recently left La Casa de los Famosos, chose for the occasion a style very much like that of the star Angelina Jolie, a very sober black dress, but with touches to enhance her beauty and her long dark and windy hair.

Celia Lora gives a chair of elegance and beauty to Angelina Jolie. Photo: Instagram.

The actress’s dress is neither short nor long, but a “chanel” cut, but with a rather flirtatious touch at the top of the neckline that revealed part of her charms. The fitted outfit delimited Celia Lora’s curves to perfection and the black color highlighted the tone of her skin on her beautiful legs.

The image of the reality TV star and influencer looked even more elegant thanks to the delicate accessories, a pair of small earrings and the touch of the tattoos coming out of her forearm reminded many of Angelina Jolie.

It should be noted that the protagonist of Maleficent on more than one occasion has opted for this type of dress, fitted and in different lengths, but never short, besides being quite fond of black garments, it is part of her style; In addition, Angelina Jolie enjoys having tattoos on her body, something she shares with the popular and irreverent Celia Lora.

The famous woman apparently became quite romantic when looking at this beautiful place, of which it seems it has become an image, Hotel Carlota; Well, he shared a beautiful message with the photograph on his official Instagram account.

Every path leads me, leads me back to your love, wrote the beautiful Celia in English next to the photograph.

The publication was shared on the famous social network 16 hours ago and has exceeded 12 thousand reactions on Instagram; the followers of the businesswoman did not miss the opportunity to tell her once again how beautiful she is and to greet her and wish her good night.

Celia lora She has become one of the famous darlings of social networks, her beauty and irreverence has captured millions of followers. From an early age, the daughter of the TRI leaders showed to be quite irreverent and to say and do what she thinks at all times. In fact, a few months ago, the star was interviewed by Yordi Rosado and asked if she would change her way of life, to which she replied that not at all; Besides, that is what has given him the projects he currently has.

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