Cardi B becomes judge and officiates the wedding of two women | Entertainment

Cardi B, the American rapper of Latin descent, has on multiple occasions shown her support for the LGBTI community throught social media.

For the last episode of the season of her series’ Cardi Tries: I Do It All, together with the help of actress Raven Symone, Cardi B decided to formalize a wedding of two women who are part of the community and are great admirers. of the rapper.

In the company of one of the brides, Cardi B organized everything related to the ceremony, and largely supporting the financial expenses of the wedding.

Everything was really a surprise since Brandi, the rapper’s accomplice, took her girlfriend to an event arguing that it would be a friend’s engagement party, when the woman was actually attending her own wedding.

“I support the community because I know how difficult it was for my gay cousin to come out of the closet with his strict Dominican family, I know the pain on the part of my mother, who is trans. And because of the confused feelings that I had growing up “, said the singer.

The recording of the episode coincided with the ‘National Day of Exiting the Closet’, a celebration that seeks to make the LGBTI community visible and seek more tolerant and positive reactions from people.

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