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BTS conquers Leonardo DiCaprio, what is your favorite song?

BTS idols have great talents that ARMY recognizes, and their music has won the hearts of everyone, even great international luminaries.

ARMY always find motivation and inspiration in Bangtan sonyeondan, the fandom has been in charge of showing his love and admiration for the members of this group of K-pop too; and it is that his talents and great abilities for the stage and the music have been the main reason to follow the boy band.

A lots of athletes, actors and even others idols they have expressed that they are also part of ARMY, that they love Bts already many fans They are surprised to know it, although it is clear that the music of Bangtan could enchant anyone; Thus, the fandom it has among its ranks millions of other people.

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This time, we learn that a actor highly recognized is also part of ARMY and even revealed what is his favorite song of the Bangtan boys, the great popularity of BTS is more and more remarkable and nobody gets tired of listening to them.

Leonardo DiCaprio is ARMY and this is his favorite BTS song

The actress Jo yeojung that appeared in the movie of ‘Parasites’ recalled an anecdote involving the actor Leonardo Dicaprio and BTS, because when the actress was in the Oscars next to Leonardo, she asked him if he knew Bangtan Sonyeondan, he said yes and that, in fact, ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ It was his favorite song of the group.

Wow! DiCaprio he is also ARMY, now we wonder, who will be his bias? LOL, no, but it’s cool and amazing that I admire the idols and recognize your talent, effort and work; each time, the fandom is getting bigger and it is a pride to have these personalities in the fan base.

And speaking of ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears, do you already know the story of this song? There is much to know about her, perhaps that is why she is Leonardo’s favorite.

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