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Britney Spears’ father ceases to be her guardian and could be investigated | People | America Edition

Victory day for Britney Spears. Her father will cease to be her legal guardian immediately after more than 13 years and the Los Angeles Superior Court has scheduled a hearing on November 12 that will put an end to custody.

“It is a good day for Justice,” the singer’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, told Efe when he left the court, after a session of more than three hours in which Judge Brenda Penny agreed, for the first time, to each and every one of Britney’s requests.

The magistrate described as “toxic” the control of the father, Jamie Spears, over his daughter and ordered the suspension with immediate effect.

“I believe that the suspension of Jamie Spears as guardian is the best for the interests of the ward,” he assured before the attentive listening of dozens of journalists inside the room and almost half a thousand people at the door of the courts.

Rosengart was hired as Britney’s new lawyer this summer, thanks to a judge’s authorization, and in a couple of months he has achieved what the singer had been pleading privately for years but which became a worldwide scandal when he spoke publicly on the June 23rd.

The lawyer was the only one who went to court and did not intervene by video call. There he outlined his strategy: First, suspend the father as legal guardian. Second, appoint a California state official as a temporary guardian to oversee all management related documentation for more than a decade.

And finally, schedule a hearing in which the guardianship is ended.

He achieved all his claims, convinced that the artist’s father and a diverse group of lawyers and businessmen abused control of Britney and an estate of 60 million dollars behind the back of the Justice.


“I think if authorities investigate, they might find grounds to press charges,” Rosengart said.

The lawyer has been investigating some Britney accounts for some time and has assured that he has evidence of misconduct and possible “corruption”, although he made it clear that once the legal guardianship ends, it will be the responsibility of the prosecutors to bring Jamie to justice.

Before, the father must deliver all the accounts of the last 13 years to the new temporary guardian.

Precisely for this reason, the parent’s lawyer wanted to avoid the transfer of powers and requested the immediate termination of the guardianship, without margin to clarify responsibilities.

The movement was a radical turn in the position of the father, who until now had fervently defended the legal guardianship to which he agreed in 2008 after a period marked by the erratic behavior of Britney, who lost custody of her children and suffered mental crises.

Rosengart questioned the meaning of that decision by describing Jamie as an “alcoholic” man with problems with gambling addiction.

“Britney Spears has been abused by this man for the past decade and since her childhood,” he added.

The case took a new turn this weekend after The New York Times published a report with statements from people who have worked for Britney during her guardianship.

Among the thorniest testimonies, a former security employee claimed that the father had microphones placed at Britney’s house and all calls and messages were intercepted, including communications with her lawyer and children.

It is unknown if the California court knew about these practices, which if they were done without authorization from the courts would put his father on the ropes.


At the exit, Rosengart addressed the singer’s followers, gathered in a demonstration that cut the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

“The #FreeBritney movement has been pivotal,” he said.

The pressure from fans to expose details of the legal guardianship began in 2019, after Briney refused to continue offering shows in Las Vegas (USA) and entered a rehab clinic.

“They thought we were crazy,” said Dave, a young man from San Francisco who traveled to Los Angeles to follow the court hearing.

Chris, a Frenchman living in Arizona, was on the verge of entering the courtroom as a public: “I have traveled the world to see Britney in concert since I was a child, I had to be here,” he said.

As soon as Rosengart made the victory sign, the rally turned into a party.

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