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Ana de Armas: why she broke up with Ben Affleck, who is her new boyfriend and the story of her brother’s arrest


Ana de Armas He came to Spain when he was 18 years old to try his luck in front of the screen. A week later he had already passed his first casting. It was for the series The intership, which made it popular across the country. Now it triumphs in Hollywod and is known worldwide. His romance with Ben affleck took it directly to the international pink press. Now it comes out, nothing more and nothing less, than with the vice president of Tinder.

Ana de Armas It is not Spanish. As much as we take out our national pride every time we see her triumph in Hollywood, the truth is 33-year-old Cuban actress He came to Spain when he was 18. His first roles were in his native country, where he began to forge his dream by joining the National School of Art of Cuba. School, which by the way, he left to settle in Madrid.

She was 12 when she found out she wanted to be an actress. It was after seeing the movie Matilda at a neighbor’s house. Quickly he went home to recreate it with his brother Javier. Five years later, already 17, he shot his first film, A rose from France, directed by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón.

When did Ana de Armas settle in Spain?

The promotion of that film brought her to Spain in 2006. De Armas, already 18 years old, decided to settle in Madrid. He was able to do it because he had a red passport, thanks to her grandparents are from Valverde, in León, and Guardo, in Palencia.

A week after that trip, he made his first casting, and it happened. It was for the series The intership, which premiered on Antena 3 in 2007 and thanks to which it became famous.

Ana de Armas and Martño Rivas, in 'El internado' title =

Ana de Armas and Martño Rivas, in ‘El internado’ // Antena 3

In reality, he spent only seven years in Madrid. In 2014 he finally moved to Hollywood to pursue an international career. He lived in Venice Beach, California, until ended her relationship with Ben Affleck.

In December 2020, he sold the house to find an accommodation close to his work but to ensure a certain discretion, according to published People.

Why your relationship with Ben Affleck ended

Ana de Armas sold her house after ending her relationship with Ben Affleck. The two actors had started eight months earlier.

The courtship came to light in March 2020 when they were seen together on a trip to Cuba. Two months later Armas confirmed their relationship on Instagram by sharing the first photo of the two on his 32nd birthday.

The reason for the breakup was revealed by a source close to the already ex-partner in the magazine People. “Their relationship was complicated,” he said. “She was the one who broke up. Ana doesn’t want to live in Los Angeles and Ben obviously has to since their children live in this city. “

According to sources who spoke to the magazine, fIt was a friendly breakup. “They are at different times in their lives and there is deep love and respect,” said another person close to the couple. “Ben still wants to work on himself and be a father. They are both happy with where they are.”

Now the actor has a more than known relationship with Jennifer Lopez, and Ana de Armas lives a romance with Paul Boukadakis.

Who is Paul Boukadakis, the new boyfriend of Ana de Armas

It was last June that the romance of Ana de Armas and Paul Boukadakis.

Then the first images appeared, to which are added other new ones published this week by Extra TV. They were caught together and very close at JFK airport in New York.

Paul Boukadakis, 37, is vice president of Tinder and he is a co-founder of the company Wheel that currently collaborates with Tinder.

Paul Boukadakis, in an image from 2017. title =

Paul Boukadakis, in an image from 2017. // Gtresonline

His brother Joey boukadakis He is an actor, screenwriter, film director and founder of General Specific, a company he created in 2018 that is dedicated to helping CEOs of technology companies and entertainment studios develop creative strategies. His clients include Tinder, Masterclass, Paramount, HBO and Warner Bros.

Javier Caso, the photographer brother of Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas is the daughter of university professors, who have never been able to attend a premiere of the actress. He has a brother, Javier Caso, who uses his maternal last name and who works as a photographer in New York.

Javier became news in January 2020 after being detained and questioned by State Security for his relationship with independent artists from Cuba, specifically with independent actress Lynn Cruz and her husband, filmmaker Miguel Coyula. Apparently they urged him to break ties with the artists and also asked him about Ana.

“You know well who my sister is, don’t ask me questions about her. I don’t want to talk about her,” he told them.

Javier was born in 1985, three years before Ana. He is her older brother and from whom the actress inherited her clothes when she was little. “He wore his old school pants, cut like shorts,” the interpreter told in February 2020 about what it was like growing up on the island.

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