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Yuliett Torres confirms that her heart is creamy blue and not goat

Mexico.- Thousands of fans of Yuliett Torres felt a great blow after the influencer confessed that she is not a fan of Chivas although she once wore their colors and that her heart belongs to the America club. These statements made a boom among fans who were unaware of reality because on more than one occasion it was thought that the Flock was their favorite team.

It all happened in the stories of Instagram by Yuliett Torres where they asked her if she was a follower of the rojiblanco team and she responded loudly and directly, “Although they are from here (Guadalajara) and I wore the shirt, I am not going to Chivas“, she commented accompanied by the image where she posed in the uniform of the 12-time Liga MX champion.

Her next story revealed who her heart belongs to and it is nothing more and nothing less than the Eagles, “But (I’m going) to the eagles”, this confession was accompanied by the image of her lying on a bed with the quilt of the Americanist team, thus culminating that debate about which was his favorite team in Liga MX.

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Yuliett Torres reveals which team he is going for | Photo: Instagram

The suspicions that Yuliett Torres was a fan of the Jalisco teams arose after in his previous publications on his Instagram account he used the t-shirts of both Atlas and Chivas, this more because of the love of being from the same city before by a real fanaticism.

Although it was news that made an impact, it did not make the followers of Yuliett Torres leave scared, on the contrary, since it is very close to reaching 9 million loyal followers, not long ago it reached 8 million and little by little it it has been increasing to the point of reaching better numbers in a short time.

At one time he also wore the Atlas shirt | Photo: Instagram Yuliett Torres

Yuliett Torres, in addition to his love of football, of which he shows little in his networks, but what he does show much more is his figure and his charms that are what enchant his fans and is what keeps them always faithful to her no matter what her favorite team is.

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