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Will Smith claims he did not participate in ‘The Suicide Squad’ due to scheduling problems

When James Gunn confirmed his cast and the new faces that will come to his version of The Suicide Squad, many wondered why the return of the Deadshot from Will Smith. Was there a problem of opinion? Did Warner and DC want to forget the memory of the controversial version of David Ayer in 2016? As Will Smith himself has remarked, they do not play the perfect toe antihero in Gunn’s film due to scheduling problems.

Will Smith wanted to return to character but the schedule prevented him

“I was working, and they were ready to start shooting.”, remarks the actor to GQ (he The Playlist). “Basically it was all a matter of calendar and agendas”adds the actor, who does not close the door to return. What’s more, for a moment I believed that Idris Elba had been granted his role, who finally embodied Bloodsport. “They’ve left Deadshot out, right? So Idris Elba plays a different character, or is he going to be Deadshot? Is he a different character? Okay, cool, why not? I can return“He confirmed in his own interview after doubts.

Will smith deadshot

The idea that Smith was not in the film aroused a lot of rumors, as many believed that everything came from the demands of the actor and producer to include his son, Jaden Smith, in one of the main roles of this sequel or reboot of the DC Cmics license. This was soon disproved, as the producer Peter safran denied it, stating that The Suicide Squad It began to shoot so fast because of the schedule of James Gunn and his collaborators, since they had already signed with Marvel to return to film. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

“I was working, and they were ready to start shooting.”

In any case, Gunn’s movie was not bad to take into account that they are released in the middle of the pandemic by raising $ 167 million although it experienced sharp declines at the box office in the weeks following its inaugural theatrical screening. Return Deadshot in a hypothetical sequel or appear in the series of Peacemaker -which is prepared by James Gunn and John Cena himself-?

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