Why Brad Pitt and George Clooney are the new kings of coffee

Did you know that the common denominator among Hollywood’s most desirable hotties is closely related to breakfast time? So much George Clooney What Brad Pitt They will be remembered for their careers, for their undeniable appeal and, from now on, also for their contribution to the world of caffeine. What’s more, there are teenagers who think of George Clooney as “the guy who advertises coffee.” Ouch!

Brad Pitt is the new face of De’Longhi, that a week ago he uploaded an enigmatic video to his networks in which he pointed out that they still could not say who it was, but he assured us that it would be “perfect”. The actor, who owns motorcycles from brands such as Yamaha, Ducati and Harley-Davidson, now joins the club of the most select coffee growers in the industry. Until now George Clooney had made us fantasize about morning coffee, so suddenly we find ourselves at a crossroads. If at Starbucks it is difficult for us to decide which coffee to order given the immense range of existing options, How are we going to decide if we’re on Brad’s or Clooney’s team? While so many celebrities associate themselves with alcoholic beverages and even launch their own, why does coffee attract the most prestigious?

brad pitt delonghi

Brad Pitt, De’Longhi Ambassador


brad pitt delonghi

Brad Pitt, De’Longhi Ambassador


When Amal Clooney’s husband (we like to refer to him this way as a nod to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s monologue at the ‘Golden Globes’, don’t scold us for it, okay?) began advertising coffee in the early 2000s, many thought that his reputation was at stake, but the truth is that at a time when all celebrities are linked to some promotional activity outside the cinema, his contract did not undermine his career . What’s more: Catherine Zeta Jones is now going to launch Casa Zeta-Jones Coffee, And the name of the brand could not make it clearer that being a Hollywood celebrity and being linked to the world of coffee is not frowned upon in the movie mecca. Neither in the film mecca nor in Spain, be careful, because let’s not forget that Jaime Cantizano has put its face to the Fortaleza cafes.

amal and george clooney

Amal and George Clooney

Robert Kamau

George has paved the way for a new batch of actors and actresses willing to start the day wide awake, and Brad Pitt is the next to do so. It is not the first time that the actor is linked to the coffee universe, because in ‘Deadpool 2’ he stars in a cameo in which he says a very brief phrase, a role for which Ryan Rynolds assures he paid him with a coffee. “They told me all I wanted was a coffee, and I was forced to ask, ‘Are you referring to a coffee franchise or a cup of coffee?’ It turned out to be just a cup of coffee, which was actually a way of telling us that he was going to do it for free “, Rynolds explained. As if that were not enough, in practically every scene of ‘El Club de la Lucha’ a Starbucks glass appears in the background, this being the way in which David Fincher emphasizes the recurring idea of ​​the film of the omnipresence of commercialism and of the Unable to find good coffee in Los Angeles.

Choosing a coffee maker taking into account who advertises it may seem childish to some, but brands undoubtedly know that we do it that way on many occasions. George Clooney evokes elegance and sophistication, and the fact that he appears in advertisements always dressed in a suit turned into an Arturo Fernández ‘made in the USA’ (always fooling around with some woman who is 30 years old) can now be compared to the image with which De’Longhi associates himself now. The fact that Brad is emerging as a biker who travels the coast of Los Angeles on his motorcycle sends the message that we are talking about a cafe for adventurers, the one for the rebels. It is impossible not to miss the campaign directed by Damien Chazelle, the director of La La Land, on a loop.

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After years of rumors that have indicated that Brad and Clooney have been angry for a long time, coffee may now serve as a link again, although of course the current question is which brand will they choose to do it. While in Spain Kaiku is associated with comedians such as Vioctoria Martín and Carolina Iglesias and in Italy Nespresso is linked to Chiara Ferragni to get closer to the youngest, andhe grown-up café has found its best ambassadors in George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

brad pitt as de'longhi picture

Brad Pitt, De’Longhi Ambassador


Tell us if you are from Brad’s or Clooney’s team, although of course you can also tell us that you are from Cantizano’s. We don’t judge anyone here … Even if you prefer to drink decaf.

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