This is how The Rock looks like a character in Dragon Ball Z

From PLANET WRESTLING where we offer all WWE news we openly confess that we were very fans of the Dragon Ball Z saga, one of the best known by fans of manga anime.

The series despite being one of the most popular in animation has not had a good adaptation to the world of cinema. Could actors like Ezra Miller, Henry Cavill, Margot Robbie, and Dwayne Johnson make a good movie?

Dwayne Johnson as a character from Dragon Ball Z

The world of Hollywood tends to make some tremendous adaptations. It is not the case of Dragonball Evolution, the Dragon Ball Z movie with flesh and blood actors, which was the biggest failure in the history of the franchise. Now rumors arise that they want to make a well-made film to make up for this great failure, and The name of The Rock does not stop ringing for the film. Many of the fans say that looks like Nappa character, but after seeing the following image it is already clear to all of us that he was born to do it.

In addition, in the image we see Kevin Hart acting as Vegeta. It would be a tremendous duo for the new adaptation of the great anime series to the big screen. The names of other actors such as Ezra Miller, Henry Cavill, Margot Robbie have also sounded strongly and have been adapted by fans to see how they would look in the movie.

Are you looking forward to a new movie about Dragon Ball Z?

Would you like to see The Rock play Nappa in the movie?

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