This is how Chris Hemsworth trains to burn excess alcohol

It is no news that Chris Hemsworth is one of the Hollywood actors who takes care of his body the most. The actor, who has given life to Thor on the big screen, is a great sports fan and both he and his wife, Elsa Pataky, show their daily routines on social networks to stay in good shape. Now, that does not mean that from time to time they do not commit excesses. Of course, then you have to burn them, as the Australian actor shows in this special video for when you drink too much alcohol.

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It is a training that the 38-year-old artist has proposed to all his Instagram followers for when they get out of hand with food, sugary drinks or alcohol. “Lack of motivation? Move on! Without energy? Break a sweat! ”, He begins writing under the video.

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“I can tell you with absolute confidence that simply adding exercise to your daily routine will not only add a huge smile to you but will improve every aspect of your life. More energy, better sleep, a higher mood, it will reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, it will protect you from many chronic diseases, and the list goes on ”, says Chris Hemsworth to convince about the benefits of physical exercise.

“Movement creates motivation. Action creates energy ”he assures in this publication that he accumulates thousands of likes and where we can see him in full action. Chris Hemsworth shows some of the exercises in his routine like pull-ups, sit-ups, or lifting weights.

In the audio of the video you can hear the actor, father of three children, explaining that he had gotten up in the morning with “motivation levels at an all-time low. A little flat, a little dusty “because there were” too many celebratory drinks over the weekend. “

After completing his exercise routine, Chris Hemsworth, who by contract with Marvel must maintain his spectacular and muscular physique for ten years, confessed to feeling “one hundred percent.”

LV_ The hard training that Elsa Pataky has undergone to give life to an army lieutenant

LV_ The hard training that Elsa Pataky has undergone to give life to an army lieutenant

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth are one of the Hollywood couples who cares the most about their physical appearance and staying in shape. The Spanish actress frequently publishes her sports routines although, without a doubt, when she attracted the most attention was when she shared the military training she underwent to give life to the main character of a Netflix movie, Interceptor.

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