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‘Things to clean’: Margaret Qualley and the anecdote of when she met Brad Pitt

Being in a Quentin Tarantino movie with the cream of Hollywood and Brad Pitt interested in you? That was the dream come true of Margaret Qualley, who is currently the center of attention for the miniseries ‘Things to clean’.

Margaret Qualley is a diamond in the rough that shines wherever she stands. She recently captivated Netflix subscribers thanks to her participation as Alex in Things to Clean, a miniseries that portrays the misfortune of being a solo mother. But before this success reached the top of the most watched on the streaming platform, Qualley worked closely with Brad Pitt, And his reaction was surely like that of any mortal who comes across this Hollywood star.

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For those who do not remember, Margaret was part of the prestigious and coveted cast that we saw in Once upon a time … in Hollywood, film by the renowned Quentin Tarantino in which Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt they acted like protagonists, giving life to an actor and a stunt double of the Hollywood of the 70s, respectively.

Brad’s character is fixed on a girl much younger than him, regardless of the age difference (as a typical man of the time). When he realizes that he really feels very attracted to the young woman, he begins to frequent her more, without caring what they will say or where the adventure ends. Who is this girl? Nothing more and nothing less than our dear Margaret, who called this film “the opportunity of a lifetime.”

After coming from being a professional dancer and model, the Leftovers actress was beginning to enter the entertainment industry with the sponsorship of the director of Reserve Dogs. This led her to share scenes with Brad, and the moment was … a terrifying experience due to the nerves she felt, but since they met in chemistry tests she knew he was a focused and exceptional actor:

I did the chemistry reading feeling butterflies, very nervous and trying not to sweat so much. He is one of the most talented actors I have ever worked with and one of the most generous people I have ever met. He is so humble and so kind. I am incredibly lucky.

Quentin gave her a great opportunity, a lot of advice, and allowed her to be in a car barefoot with Brad Pitt. Remembering, the actress assures that There was no way not to be terrified: “How can you not be? I was just trying to absorb every minute, because I know this is a once in a lifetime experience. “ said to Entertainment Weekly. Did you remember that Margaret was Pussy, the hippie member of the Manson clan in this film?

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