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The Owl: The Story of Sylvester Stallone, the Famous ‘Rocky’ | Pico Tv | OPINION

East Owl shakes off the political and social conjuncture with books, music and movies. That’s why, when a couple of days ago I read in Trome that the American actor Sylvester Stallone would auction the gloves worn by his iconic character Rocky Balboa, I couldn’t find a better excuse to dust off my old DVDs and relive the saga that launched Stallone to stardom in 1976 , who until then led a depressing life, without news, hunting for an opportunity that never came.

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He participated in films of which today he is ashamed and at the height of his despair, before becoming one of the most important action actors in Hollywood, he was the protagonist of an adult film, for which he was paid no more than 200 dollars . His life was marked by misery and tragedy.

When he was born, a bad medical maneuver caused paralysis in a part of his face. Now that defect is his trademark and the seal of all his characters. From her mother, Jackie Stallone, she inherited that fondness for cameras and lights. She was a dancer, trapeze artist, boxer, stewardess, hairdresser, presenter, astrologer, and even butt reader. With the fame of his son, figureti and assiduous assistant of gossip shows.

Until 1975, the young Stallone was rejected in all castings he appeared, his performance conditions were not outstanding or, at least, they did not attract the attention of film directors. That same year he attended the fight between Muhammad Ali and an unknown Chuck Wepner, who endured 15 rounds to the greatest boxer in history. This boxing match inspired Stallone, who that same night wrote the script for the movie that would launch him to stardom: ‘Rocky’.

He offered it to various directors and was rejected. When he finally found someone interested, John G. Avildsen (he also directed the ‘Karate Kid’ trilogy), he asked him not to be the protagonist, as Stallone wished. At his insistence, he accepted and they began filming with a very small budget, without many expectations.

'Rocky' was a box office hit.
‘Rocky’ was a box office hit.

The film tells the story of Rocky Balboa, an amateur boxer, who makes a living fighting in underground clubs, as well as working as a ‘squeeze’ for mobsters. Poor, lonely, taciturn, rude, with a ruinous future, one day comes the opportunity of a lifetime, when world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) challenges him to a fight. Apolo selected him after his main rival canceled him due to injury.

In his cunning head, he believed that doing battle with a stranger, on the day of American independence, would increase his credits and his stakes. Plus, it would make him look like a humble and generous athlete. Indecisive, but haunted by his poverty, Rocky accepts the duel. It is prepared by his old friend Mickey (Burgess Meredith) and accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend Adrian (Talia Shire), and in the background is the memorable song by Bill Conti, ‘Gonna fly now’.

On the day of the fight, Rocky holds 13 rounds and ultimately loses by meager points. Creed’s victory is suspicious, a plot that would give rise to the second part of the film, which finally had 7 more installments. The story of ‘Rocky’, for many, is instructive, because it is the adventure of a losing man who finds his opportunity, does not miss it and, despite the defeat, reaches glory. Almost the very life of Sylvester Stallone.

Shot in a month and on a measly budget, Rocky grossed $ 225 million and won three Oscars: Best Picture, Director, and Editing. In addition, Stallone was nominated for best actor and, although he did not win the statuette, it earned him a name in the savage Hollywood industry.

Then a series of more films would come, such as the well-known ‘Rambo’ (1982). However, the actor’s life, as I said above, was marked by tragedy. 2012 was the worst year of her life after the death of her 36-year-old son Sage. A month later his younger sister, Toni D’Alto, died.

Today his days pass behind the cameras, with an incalculable fortune. At the time he refused to play the role of ‘Terminator’ and ‘Batman’. It has again come to the public eye after announcing the sale of those iconic gloves that Rocky used in his fight against Creed. For auction specialists, they would be valued at $ 20,000. But surely, for Stallone those gloves are worth his entire career.

I turn off the TV.


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