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The Look of Things: Netflix’s New Thriller with Amanda Seyfried

Netflix re-releases a film with the Oscar-nominated actress Amanda Seyfried, but this time with a theme of suspense, drama and thriller that will leave you with many questions. Written and directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, this film with ghostly tones, is based on the novel by Elizabeth brundage, in which the earthly and spiritual world are closely linked by unimaginable secrets related to Swedish philosophy.

In addition to having as the protagonist Amanda seyfried (Catherine Claire), the film also features the participation of James Norton (George Claire) as her co-star, the interpretation of Rhea Seehorn (Juntine Sokolov), Natalia Dyer (Willis Howell) as well as F. Murray Abraham (Floyd DeBeers) and other notable stars.


Catherine Claire and George Claire They decide to move to a village in the Hudson Valley to start a new stage in their lives, but unexpectedly they begin to witness paranormal events in their home that ends up rivaling them and linking them to the past of two conflicting spirits.


The story of this film seeks to mix three genres; suspense, drama and horror. Although they have very interesting scenes, none of the three genres is fully developed, so it can create confusion for the public. On the one hand, we have the story of the main couple (Catherine and George Claire) who initially want to support each other to have a new life, since George get a job, but this means moving away.

As certain paranormal events occur, the couple begins to distance themselves, added to the fact that Catherine suffers from bulimia and anorexia, which further erodes trust in the relationship. What ends up creating more discord within the home is that two souls (a good one and a bad one) are in constant rivalry and cling to Catherine and George to resolve your conflicts.

In addition, arriving at the final scenes, it is desired to show the empowerment of women through the union of different female souls that seek revenge for being cruelly murdered and taken away from their children, but loses strength due to the critical outcome of the protagonist.


Although it is remarkable that the plot seeks empathy through the character of Amanda seyfried (Catherine Claire) and as an antagonistic force to James Norton (George Claire).

Neither of the two character profiles is fully developed, which is why great confusion is created about their past as a couple and how they have gotten to where they are.

Despite this, the characters of Rhea Seehorn (Juntine Sokolov) and F. Murray Abraham (Floyd DeBeers), help to distinguish a little more the personalities of the main characters outside the family environment, creating a closer vision of what they experience as individual characters and their motivations towards the outcome of the story.

Direction of photography

With an excellent photography proposal that combining opaque shades and warm colors that vary between grays, browns and mustard, It is possible to distinguish the mysticism in the scenes related to the reigning spirits in the village, and all the events that the characters experience until the tragic end of the film.

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