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The Deluxe polygraph vs Jason Statham and Jackman, Ylamo repeats

The blushing polideluxe to Beln Rodriguez put Jorge Javier Vzquez in a bind before the war between Alba Carrillo and Miguel Frigenti. The Protector beat Logan. Viva la vida gave Emma Garca joy.


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Saturday Deluxe It triumphed over the rest of the offers with a clear 17% screen share, up 1.2 points compared to last week. The blushing polydeluxe a Bethlehem Rodriguez put in a bind Jorge Javier Vazquez before 1,419,000 viewers. Also on the program menu, a new chapter of the war between Alba Carrillo and Miguel Frigenti.

The second option was the movie of Antenna 3, The protector, with Jason Statham and Winona Ryder, which entertained 1,183,000 viewers and signed 10.6% of Compartir.

The blockbuster of Four, with Logan, made by Hugh jackman, interested 8.3% of the audience, 873,000 people. It surpassed the cinema of The 1, Seven souls, which did not exceed 6.9% with 798,000 followers. Before, Weekly report reaped 8.2%.

He repeated practically the same results from last Saturday The sixth night with the interview to Íñigo Erejón. Yélamo reaped 6.4% with 578,000 followers in The sixth.

On The 2, the movie The Tobacco Seller scored a good 5.1% with 598,000 viewers.

In the afternoon, in Telecinco, Live life gave a joy to Emma garcia with an average of 1,251,000 viewers and 13.4% of Compartir.

As almost always, the most watched of the day was the informative Antena 3 News 1 Weekend with Matías Prats and Monica Carrillo that interested 2,106,000 viewers and signed a 21.1% audience share.

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