“The best part of the fame”

Regardless of his quality as a performer, which a certain part of the criticism calls into question more or less regularly, it cannot be denied that Dwayne Johnson is a charismatic actor. His sympathy does not seem imposed and whenever he has the opportunity he shows himself very close with his followers.

‘The Rock’, who is also one of the most sought after and highest paid Hollywood stars in the industry, he tends to show his affable character when he gets the chance. Proof of this is the curious hobby that he shares with certain frequency on his social profiles and that is none other than surprising the legions of fans who circulate in one of the tourist tours that hunt the famous in the most exclusive residential neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

It’s nice to make people smile and it is the best part of fame ”, assures the actor in one of his last forays to surprise ojiplático tourists, who go crazy as soon as they are aware of what is happening.

I love stopping with my car next to all these tour buses that go through my neighborhood and surprise people ”, he assures in another video shared on Instagram. An endearing hobby that many celebrities in the world of celluloid cannot boast of. Maybe for this kind of thing everyone, or almost, loves Dwayne Johnson.

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