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The Addams Family 2 Already Has Critical Rating

Charles addams was an advertising cartoonist who had a fairly short career in this profession in the 30’s, since his ambitions and desires went beyond making drawings to sell, he quickly began to work on his own story for the newspaper The New Yorker, where through a comic he parodied the customs of a normal family making them sinister, with customs linked to the dark and endowing them with black humor. Years later, this work would be adapted into a more popular television series.

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From 1964-1966, ABC aired a television product based on the Charles Addams play called The Addams Family. The popularity of the peculiar family had the beginnings of its peak from this moment, later in the decade of the 90’s three films based on the same family were released (Crazy Addams, Crazy Addams 2 and Gathering of Crazy Addams). On this occasion, with a higher budget, but preserving the uniqueness of its characters. To date, this adaptation is the one that has had the most resonance and boom in the public. Well, it came to have Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci as its protagonists.

Time passed until 2019 where the live-action changed to animation in Los locos Addams – 48%. While critics were divided, the box office turned out to be the big winner. Obviously, a sequel could not wait. The question is, how much effort was put into it in The Addams Family 2?

Critics have buried the film directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, as it is noted that it has a rather boring humor, even for younger children, if what you were looking for was fun for them, it is best that they stay at home. It is an ideal example of the worst that an idea that has no head or tail can become, because all is lost. That morbid tone is abandoned for generic drawings. It’s a pretty throwaway movie.

Also, if you really want to see the popular and shady Addams family, it is best to watch the classic films of the 90s or the 2019 movie, The Addams Fools – 48%. There’s really nothing that Charles Addams injected into his characters to make them that endearing here. It falls short of what was promised. The scenes are totally forgettable, don’t say anything about the one where there is rap.

Without more for the moment, we leave you with the reviews of The Addams Family 2 – twenty%:

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John serba, from Decider:

Perhaps The Addams Family 2 will be fun for younger and less critical minds. But beyond that, it’s disposable …

Jesse hassenger, from Polygon:

The Addams Family 2 and its predecessor ditch all morbid quirk, in favor of generic cartoon humor.

Douglas laman, from The Spool:

The Addams Family 2 must be discarded like a piece of candy in a trick or treat candy basket.

Leo brady, from A Movie Guy:

A movie like The Addams Family 2 is an example of the worst in the animated movie genre. The humor and all tone is completely lost.

Pretty, from Movies and Shakers:

The jokes are quite boring, even for the little ones. Instead of a family road trip that didn’t provide much fun, they would have been better off staying home.

Richard James Havis, from South China Morning Post:

The Addams Family 2’s use of rap destroys the limited moody atmosphere the filmmakers have created, and both the character and scene design are forgettable.

Brian Lloyd, from

… this falls short of what it could be and given the richness of the source material it falls short …

Jim judy, from Screen It:

The Addams family that I grew up with, at least on TV, was really creepy and eccentric. There is none of that here.

Rachel Wagner, from Rachel’s Reviews:

If you want to see an Addams family movie, check out the live action movies from the 90s or the original from 2019. That will give you a much better experience than this smooth and humorless sequel.

Jeanne kaplan, from Kaplan vs Kaplan:

The Addams Family 2 has something for the whole family and the kids will love it. It’s a smart and ambitious lively endeavor.

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