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Susan Sarangon, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet and more celebrities who celebrate old age

Until very recently, the famous saying that “women are like wine, as they improve over the years” was one of those beautiful phrases that were said to comfort those who, resigned to their fate, they dragged the heavy almanac on the way to old age. Then it was believed, according to the words of the comedian Joan Rivers, that “if your birthday cake has so many candles that it can be seen from space”, you don’t have much to celebrate.

But judging by the women who currently receive qualifiers of hot, superhot and on fire!, the phrase has stopped being an empty consolation to become a wonderful reality. So, with all due respect, Joan, there is a lot to celebrate!

Women in their 40s, 50s and 60s deny that youth has an expiration date

And is that today women who have already turned 40, 50 and even over 60 years of age deny the ancient belief that youth is, as the poem says, a “divine treasure” that leaves never to return.

The best of all? They don’t try to do it by hiding their age or trying to look younger. In fact, in most cases they have rejected invasive cosmetic surgeries and treatments to show the world the true face of an interesting old woman.

Celebrities we love very much because they remind us that beauty and sensuality are ageless

Susan Sarandon, Elle Macpherson, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Andie MacDowell, Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett, among others, show that a simple number does not define or limit them.

Thanks to them, society is opening the mind to accept a new concept of beauty and sex appeal. And if you don’t think this is something wonderful and revolutionary, it’s because you haven’t looked back …

Almanac dams

Incredible as it may seem to us today, Hollywood historians say that the gorgeous Swedish actress Greta Grace she retired from the cinema in 1941, at the age of 36, because she did not want audiences to see her grow old. In the same way it has been said that Marilyn Monroe, who died at the same age Garbo retired, lived in fear of losing his youth on camera. And that’s not all: in the 1950s, great actresses like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford They could not find work in the cinema because, in the words of the irrepressible Davis, “nobody wants to give work to two old women” … over 40.

As if this weren’t enough, in the 1980s the disturbing fad of using teen and pre-teen models to sell clothing and makeup to adult women began. Many top models 18- and 20-year-olds complained that they were missing job opportunities, as the art directors of the most important fashion magazines preferred to put young girls with adult makeup on their covers.

One of them was Brooke Shields, who advertised a famous brand of jeans. The message was clearer every day: “What sells is the youth.” Today, Ellen Degeneres and Andie MacDowell -Above 50 years- are the face of famous makeup lines-, and Diane Keaton has modeled for a clothing brand. For its part, Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren are considered superhot!

The secret of sex appeal … at any age

The actor Jason Segel admitted that playing the role of Susan Sarandon’s son in the film Jeff, Who Lives at Home It was difficult for him, because “I had to make a superhuman effort not to give the impression that I was attracted to my ‘mother’…”.

And is that at 75 years old, Sarandon still turns many male heads. Susan admits that she had some liposuction under her eyes and on her chin, but the rest is… her natural!

“I have wrinkles and fine lines, but I don’t want to go overboard with surgeries. I love that they find me desirable! Being sexy is nothing more than saying ‘yes’ to life, no matter your age, “he says.

Its contemporary Meryl Streep he has not undergone the scalpel, nor does he intend to. But despite her visible lines of expression, no one can deny her elegant beauty that has been compared to a Modigliani painting. “Beauty and attractiveness are not based on a number, but on intelligence, a sense of humor and with how much interest and curiosity you see life,” said the triple Oscar winner, almost 72 years old.

In the same way, Helen Mirren, who shows her stunning figure at 76 years old in tight evening models and daring necklines, thinks that the secret to looking fabulous at any age lies in living to the fullest… without thinking about the number dictated by the almanac.

«I think the most important thing is to accept with grace and good humor that time passes, and continue to be involved in life, full of projects and illusions “, revealed the woman who awakens the passion of men who are easily twice their age, such as Colin Farrell, who admits that he finds her “devastatingly sexy”. Did you ever imagine a world in which a six-decade-old lady is besieged by a 30-year-old and rejects him?

At age 60, Julianne Moore He has also said “no” to plastic surgery. She has a refreshing perspective, seeing age not as a problem, but as a privilege.

«The years give us experience and maturity, and that is something that enriches us. Therein lies the appeal of people. Also, even if I stretch or inject collagen, I’m still going to be the same age. And I’m going to know. The secret to looking good is to be happy, “he said.

That is the same attitude that the actress and model shares. Elle Macpherson, who at 57 years of age has not only not touched her face, but does not allow her photos to be retouched to make her look younger.

“My secret to look good is not to have surgery,” he confessed. “When it comes to being super skinny, the reality is that I enjoy food too much to deny myself the things I like. I exercise and stay active. I am naturally curvy and more interested in being fit and healthy than in looking skinny. “

Instagram Ellen Macpherson

That attitude is infecting younger actresses, like Kate Winslet, who not only rejects plastic surgery and beauty treatments such as Botox, but, like MacPherson, does not allow his photos to be retouched.

“I find it an insult that they try to erase my expression lines,” revealed the 45-year-old actress.

In this Winslet follows the steps to Lauren Bacall, the famous actress from Hollywood’s golden age and widow of the legendary actor Humphrey Bogart. Years ago, when Bacall discovered that her face had been “rejuvenated” for an advertisement, she not only demanded that every one of her lines of expression be restored, but exclaimed indignantly, “How dare you remove my wrinkles! what it cost me to earn them! ».

These timeless beauties are at the forefront of a huge change in society, one that promises to remove the stigma of age to feel wonderful at any age.

Hasan Sheikh
Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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