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Paola Rojas reveals that the Kardashian will help her accept extra kilos

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The television host, Paola Rojas, accepted to have gained a few kilos during the confinement emanating from the covid-19 pandemic, with which restrictions came in places like gyms. The presenter drew attention by referring to the Kardashian as one of the benchmarks that have modified beauty standards.

In a broadcast of the television show Divine Net, they spoke on the subject of the bodies and the acceptance of what Paola Rojas referred to as the quarantine anecdote, which was carried out in much of the world in order to mitigate the pandemic. Previously, she says, she was adequate to play with her children and exercise, but everything changed in that period.

So, little by little I started to gain weight, and suddenly I discovered that there was already a difference of four kilos from when the pandemic began at that time“, he recounted.

The presenter revealed that she began to feel differently with herself, but soon a change in her idea would come, as she managed to see positive aspects within what is regularly considered negative.

I looked at myself in the mirror and from the beginning I discovered that I had gained a size here (at the hip) but my face looked healthier; everything was filled a little, and also the fashions are also changing“he referred.”Thanks to the Kardashians or I don’t know thanks to what, but like the hips are back, “he added.

His reflection was around the many things that had to be thought about due to the pandemic, so He preferred not to pay attention to the kilos he gained, and instead, see if they had positive effects on his health, despite not having a smaller waist.

The clothes that no longer fit me, no longer fit me, and that’s it. And hugged my new size, period“, said. “You have to reconcile yourself with that, the bet should be to take care of yourself from an integral perspective, to take care of your body but with the intention that your health is well, all“.


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