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Nicolas Cage gets drunk and is mistaken for a homeless man

Las Vegas It is that place in which celebrities and celebrities walk through its streets without their passers-by noticing that they are surrounded by millonetis. Because there everyone is anonymous (mainly because the makeup of the movies is long overdue) and life seems to go by at lightning speed without a break.

Those who are not throwing a few ‘chips’ to the roulette of any casino on duty, enjoy the atmosphere that characterizes this city full of lights … and shadows. Like life itself, well, and in particular Nicolas Cage. The protagonist of ‘Ghost Rider’ is not in his best moment and he has shown it walking away from the big screen because of his alcohol problems.

If a few months ago we told you that he had married for the fifth time with a very young Riko Shibata, 26 years old (which, made us think that the actor I was going to start walking on the right path) now we have found him enjoying life. But no, it was not with romantic trips, but with good elbow lifts.

In reality, we have not seen him, but we have been able to witness the consequences of alcohol consumption, since he has appeared lying in a hotel making a noise. According to the newspaper ‘The Sun’, Nicolas appeared sitting barefoot and completely drunk at a place called Lawry’s Prime Rib, where he started yelling at the staff that he wanted to help him.

According to the witnesses of this British newspaper, Nicolas “was so drunk that he could barely put on his sandals before being escorted”. What exactly was it that had gotten into the body to find itself in these circumstances? “Good quality whiskey and tequila”, Which means that the cocktail could not have another reaction.

The problem is that the also protagonist of ‘Corazón Salvaje’ has a bad drink and, instead of remaining calm with the drowsiness, he preferred to rebuke those who they were there looking at that painting. At first it was thought that he was a ‘homeless’ because of the appearance he had, but the brave ones who dared to approach him found that he was the Hollywood star who today stars in as many memes as there are stars in the sky.

The truth is that, despite the luxuries that the actor can give himself, it cannot be said that he is in a good moment. Yes, he gave the ‘yes, I do’ with a woman who seems to love and you can have everything you want around you, but he has recently lost his mother, dancer and choreographer Joy Vogelsang. Hopefully it doesn’t end like the movie ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, the film for which he received his only Oscar …

Hasan Sheikh
Hasan, who loves technology and games, is studying Computer Engineering at Delhi JNU. He has been writing technology news since 2016.


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