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Justice 2, Kate, Dams

Attention, moviegoers: today we are preparing a list of feature films that are on everyone’s lips and that, without a doubt, cannot be missed. These productions are available at Netflix and we will tell you more about them below.

The Justice 2

2018 – Dir: Antoine Fuqua

Return to the big screen Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), the veteran ex-government agent who decides to continue fighting on his own against criminals, kidnappers or any type of extortionist, no matter how risky they may be.

On this occasion, this vigilante is going to have to face a case in which very personal issues will come into play. And is that Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo), her CIA partner, a retired ex-agent, has disappeared. In this way, The mission will see McCall come face to face with high-level kidnappers and hitmen with whom no one is safe, while putting his tenacity and skills to the test now that someone he loves is at stake.


2021 – Dir: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

Meticulous and extraordinarily skilled, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is the perfect assassin and in top form. But when she unexpectedly fails a mission against a Yakuza member in Tokyo, she quickly discovers that she has been poisoned. It is a slow poison that gives you less than 24 hours to exact revenge on your killers. As her body rapidly deteriorates, Kate forms a curious bond with the teenage daughter of one of her former victims.

More about Kate in this note.


2021 – Dir: Thomas Sieben

During a bachelor party, Roman (David kross), his brother Albert (Hanno koffler) and three other friends decide to go on a trip to the forest to be in contact with nature. Thus, what started as an adventure will turn into a nightmare when the group of friends begins to hear gunshots nearby. They quickly become embroiled in a desperate attempt at survival when they realize they have fallen prey to a mysterious shooter.

More about Dams in this note.

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